Sunday, 12 May 2013

Diamonds of Ace

Huffle's scones, last night, were the best he has ever made. Dare I say even better than Grandmas. Well I've said it now, however, he did use her idea of adding an egg, so I guess we can give her some credit.

A good night's sleep again. Now today, it was Mothers Day over here and I ordered a Picnic on the beach. No chance! The temperature has cooled down considerably (even snowed later, but I'll get to that in time), so instead I got a Mothers Day Parade (as only a family can do when in Canada - many parades here for many different reasons). So Huffle got up and ordered me to stay in bed. I slept on while footsteps went overhead (in the loft, not on the roof), and footsteps ran past the bedroom door and footsteps ran up and downs the stairs. Then Huffle's head appeared and asked if I was ready, Yes I guess so!

Music started (like a marching band, I think it might have been Oh when the saints go marching in) and in marches Huffle dressed as a pirate shouting 'Happy Mothers Day' quite a few times, waving madly and walking round the bedroom in what appeared to be a planned route. Small followed dressed as a Magician waving, walking the route shouting Happy Mothers Day, throwing sweets at me and giving me a card. Smallest was next dressed as Darth Maul waving crazily, shouting Happy Mothers Day, throwing sweets and he gave me a card. This happened about three more times, each taking the same route around the bedroom, each shouting Happy Mothers Day as many times as they could, throwing sweets and giving me gifts which I wasn't allowed to look at. I waved madly back at them until the music stopped and all my gifts and cards were piled on the bed. Then I was presented with two croissants, with a pot of jam, an orange juice and a small cafetiere of coffee and an IPad to watch Call the Midwife on while they had their breakfast downstairs. WHAT A TREAT. Their parade was based on all the parades we have been to. Manic waving, sweet throwing, shouting Happy whatever day it was.

A bit blurry because the parade moved by fast

The people in the parade with my breakfast on a tray.

They did a fabulous job and I enjoyed breakfast in bed immensely despite the fact I can't stand crumbs in my bed. After I had watched about half an episode and drank my coffee, I called for them to come back upstairs so they could watch me open my things.

I had done very well. A painting each from the kids. A lovely stained glass heart. Three plants for the garden, some bulbs and a solar light and two very nice homemade cards.

Small's painting (on a canvas) and his card
Smallest's painting and a card (Van Gogh inspired painting)

My heart, plants and light

I got up and we all played Disney Monopoly.

Dinner was two quiches that Huffle and I made whilst Skyping Moo. The boys both had baths and entertained each other while dinner was cooking. We also made two pies for pudding - possibly too much pastry in one sitting but hey it's not Mothers Days everyday. We invented a new pie called 'Blapple Pie'. Very nice.

Apple and Blueberry

After we had cleared away we decided to go outside and plant some plants and bulbs. The boys were sent back inside to get their fleeces as it was really cold. By the time they got back, we decided it was too cold to plant and came in to watch a film instead. It's a good job we did because it stared to rain, then hail, then snow. Bloody Hell! It's mid May and it was like Summer a few days ago. It properly snowed, massive big flakes like fifty pence pieces.

We watched Iron Man which at times may not have been quite appropriate for my little boys. At one point a lady threw herself on top of Robert Downey Jr in a sexual way. Small said "why is that lady Raccooning him". (That is something we say when Smallest jumps on top of us in a playful 'raccoon' type of way"). I'm not sure if he really thought that was what she was doing or he was testing us. I want them to stay my little boys so I will keep up the "Racoon jump" for now thank you!

The boys had their tea which they made themselves and then we taught them how to play 'Newmarket' for money. Huffle gave us all ten pennies each and they got to keep their winnings. They were very pleased. We said next time they can use their own money but they weren't too keen

Huffle and I played table tennis (3 games and I won 1, he won 1 and the 3rd one was very close). The boys watched TV and then went to bed. The snow had settled on the trees and table. Stupid weather.

We have booked our holiday YEAH. We have a little cottage next to the lake, 2 minutes walk to the beach.




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Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a fantastic MD! You certainly have a whacky family, lol! We had a sleety mix driving home from the airport on Sunday too, had to have the heating on again too and woke up to a frost yesterday morning. I didn't advertise my holiday in England, mostly because Andrew is worried about too many people knowing our business!! At least you figured out where I was, lol!!