Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Rain Power

Smallest slept in this morning and I had to get him up for school.

Sitting on the porch in ther rain macs

The boys and I were watching this little woodpecker whilst waiting for the bus (the boys were waiting, not the woodpecker)

I dispatched the boys off on the bus and then went off to work. It was raining but only finely so two of us worked in the vegetable garden planting peppers and strawberries, beans and tomatoes, cabbage and earthing up the potatoes. We stopped for coffee and oatmeal biscuits as it started raining quite heavily. We had a good chat and a laugh and then went out and dug up 100 white geraniums and over 200 pink geraniums for a lady who wanted to have a front lawn full of geraniums and was due to pick up her bare root plants this afternoon. Then we revived a path and dug up a load of Corydalis bulbs. By noon it has started raining again and we gave up and went home. I came back with a lettuce, three Bok Choi, green garlic, a big pot full of pansies and violas, a Virginian Bluebell plant and a couple of lettuce plants. Not bad for a morning's work. I did however, miss out on a trip to the Royal York yesterday but I guess it was someone else's turn. I did email them my photos from when I went before because they want to use them for their website.

My edible goodies

I made up a bouquet of them in a jug to keep them fresh

I came home briefly, put the hose on in the pool (not that I had heard whether they were coming or not!) and went off to the supermarket covered in mud with my wet trousers rolled up my leg - attractive). I got my shopping, came home, put it all away and had a late lunch. Just as I was finishing all the power went off. Huffle had rang the pool people and they were due any minute. The power came on and they turned up (they wouldn't have been able to do anything with no power).

They changed the filter, but couldn't vacuum the pool because there wasn't enough water in it. I have to do it now. He showed me how to do everything all over again. I left the hose filling and came in and made a Cottage Pie for the boys. I had just finished filling and emptying the dishwasher, got myself a cup of tea and sat down when the boys came home. We went to look at the pool but the water still wasn't at the desired level so we left it and came in. Small did some of his homework and Smallest played upstairs. I was just making my dinner and about to put the boys dinner in the oven when the power went off again.

I put lots of candles in glasses and put them on the table so Small could see what he was doing. The water went off because it is powered by a pump from our well. So no electricity, no water and no heating. Arrrrggghhhhhh.

What a funny face

Reading to me by candlelight

That was the cottage pie ended as I couldn't finish it off in the oven, my veggie cottage pie was only half done. I put some sausages on the BBQ for the boys as Small needed to go off to Cubs and had to eat pretty swiftish. I was grilling in the pouring rain and the sausages were nearly done when the power came back on. arrrgghhhhhh. I decided they would have to have the sausages as there was no time for the cottage pie to heat up so I boiled some spuds and gave them beans. I had risotto from a packet. Cottage pie tomorrow then!

Huffle came home and ate with the boys and then we vacuumed the pool. A lot of rubbish came out so that must be good. We got absolutely soaked and called it a night. Huffle took and fetched back Small from Cubs - tonight they made kites. Smallest and I read Tiddler and listened to the song.

Still raining, the forecast storm has disappeared and it is now foggy. Smallest is at the zoo tomorrow with the school so I have all day to myself and nothing planned. I will plant my freebies from today and sort out the pool and maybe clean the house. Wow - living the high life!



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