Sunday, 22 May 2016

20 trips to wee on red ants

HAPPY LONG WEEKEND known here as May two four but now renamed by Huffle and I as The 24th of May just because we can!

Huffle and I had a lie-in despite being woken up by Grandad texting at 4:30am (my fault for leaving my phone on as it was really 9:30am in his World), then Huffle got woken up by the Dawn Chorus.

After breakfast and much washing and hanging of washing on the line, moving the football goal and some football playing, the boys watched England v Turkey (well done Vardy) and I watched Marcella (ITV Player). I also did some watering of veggies and replanting of basil and coriander.

After lunch and the rest of the England football game, we packed a small bag and headed for the forest for a long walk. It was quite hot when we were out of the wind but the Forest provided us with a lot of shelter. It was the perfect time for seeing the beautiful trilliums, ferns and Dutchman's Pipes. We didn't see any wildlife today but we did climb a lot of hills. Today's adventure was on the Seaton Trail and we walked further than we have ever walked in there. I lost my bearings completely so it's a good job we bumped into some girls with a map and we turned around and came back the way we went instead of carrying on like I would have.

Every hill we climbed, the boys said it was the Wall form Ninja Warrior and we had it run up it and touch the buzzer at the top.
We did a lot of looking for mushrooms and photo taking. This particular trail is full of tree roots and I tripped 20 times (too busy looking at the lovely trilliums to see anything in front of me). Smallest had to have a wee and said he wee'd on red ants.
A green trillium. Unfortunately this means it has a disease but it is so pretty.
When we got really high, the views were amazing.
Pink trilliums are just older white ones.

We earned ourselves dinner out and afterwards went to Frenchmans Bay where we sat on the beach and watched the remote control boats get stuck, threw stones into the lake and I even had a tiny paddle. We thought it might not be too busy as we were there later but it was packed. Small commented that he thought most people would be at their cottages (long weekend) but Huffle said 'immigrants don't have cottages, that's why we were there!' We finished there with an ice cream and came home.

Smallest was very tired, we had a long day, let alone a long weekend and came home with some very nice stones and beach glass and lots of memories.

No one had any real problems with the pollen today. Smallest and I took anti-histamines and we gave Smallest his drops and spray as a precaution before going into the forest.


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