Friday, 20 May 2016

Sewing Bee Difficult

Smallest had to wake me this morning. I was so sleepy, I couldn't open my eyes and he had to help me prise them open. Huffle worked from home and managed to cut the grass this afternoon. Smallest had his last swimming 'swim to survive' lesson at school today and had to swim in clothes. He said it was fun and it felt like his clothes had shrunk when he got out (at least he had all his stuff with him today).

I went off to my sewing course. 9:30am until 12:30. It was very tough and I felt mentally exhausted by the end. I felt very out of my depth but have learnt a lot in just that few hours. I sat with Suffolk and two older ladies who helped me very much. I quilted my bottom (oooo errr) and main part with unconventional mountains and cut the fabrics to size. I fused my sides and cut them, sewed, pressed and turned them the right way ready for attaching next week. We had a quick tutorial on zips (zippers here) and zip tabs and packed up our stuff and headed to a cafe for refreshments.

I got to the sewing place on petrol fumes this morning as I didn't have time to fill up, luckily there was a petrol station opposite the cafe. We had a lovely lunch, just Suffolk and I and a long chat. We are getting together next week to make pockets which have to be done by Friday! When she told us how much we had to get done I panicked slightly. Everyone else in the course is retired and at most have a husband at home. Suffolk and I are busy people with kids, husband, jobs, after school activities etc. It isn't the end of the world if we don't get it done, it just means we have to spend the class time doing what everyone has done at home and fall behind. There was a woman there who had done th course before and was doing it again to try and catch up. She warned us it was better to do homework so we will try our best.

This weekend is a Long Weekend and Victoria Day (I think it's Queen Victoria's Birthday) so everyone gets Monday off. I did ask Smallest's coach if football practice was off for Sunday and he said he would email us but he didn't up to today so I told him we were away. I hate the fact that he thinks we sit there waiting for his emails to tell us whether we can arrange a life for ourselves so I decided we weren't going. He replied that everyone was away so there was no practice. No-one got an email telling us officially though. How annoying!

This afternoon I put the geraniums in the urns with new compost, swept the porch, did a bit of weeding and swept the path (Huffle has been adding to my side path - it's looking good and the side garden is coming along nicely).

After dinner, Huffle and Small (The Friday Daddy Gang) went off to coach Huffles French boys and Smallest and I biked/scootered to the tennis courts and played tennis for a while. The weather has been gorgeous today and was around 23* for a good part of the day.


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