Saturday, 21 May 2016

Yellow Belly Sap Sucker

Today's pollen was high with Mulberry at its most potent. Smallest wasn't suffering at all (ash is now low) in fact he's been fine for a couple of days now. I'm hoping that's the end of the worst for him. Both Huffle and I suffered though, sneezing, headachey and then my eyes started running really badly. I had to have some of Smallest's eye drops and took my anti-histamines. It's horrible and I suffered quite badly last year too, it makes you feel quite weary.

We left the boys at home this morning playing on the Wii and went and visited the local Country Market looking for veg plants. We picked up courgettes, peas, yellow and green beans, broad beans (called Fava here), cabbage, cucumber, mint and a couple of cosmos. It was packed. That's because it's long weekend. MAY 2 4 (not 24 twenty four, but 2 4 two four) when everything starts, when everyone plants. It's the law of Canada.

We planted our wares back home and the kids came out and helped with the watering. We had a long chat with the neighbours next door (not Otto) and they gave us a bag of chitted potatoes and some pea seeds. They like how our garden is coming along and told us about the Yellow Belly Sap Sucker (known to us as a Yellow Finch) but their way of saying it in their Canadian accent eh is much better. Once I had bathed my eyes, had drops and recovered myself enough to not look like a panda, we went out for dinner. We went to a place we knew that did excellent pizza and that's just what we had. I had to ask to not have any chillis on mine as I am still not allowed any spice. The waitress bought mine with chilli on it and I put a piece in my mouth thinking it was pepper and it burnt my tongue. She thought I had said 'no shaved cheese'. The chef wasnt happy and probably spat on my new pizza but it was good, especially with the shaved cheese added.

On the way home we stopped at an ice cream place. I asked if we could go to a nice place maybe near a walk but the boys wanted to go to Shake, Rabble and Roll where the ice creams are huge where we normally have an Ice Shake (but we weren't hungry enough today). We tried to walk around outside but found traffic cones stopping us, parts of it smelled of wee and in the end we left, plus Huffles ice cream fell off his cone and he had to share mine.

We came home via another a plant sale in a mans garden who happened to to be the President of the Dahlia Society in Canada. He talked to us about all the Dahlias he grew and mentioned one called Poo. Of course the boys wanted this one, it was actually Pooh as in Winnie The. So we bought one and a Rhubarb, so far we haven't managed to get a rhubarb plant growing in our garden. This one was taken from a really established plant so hopefully it will have a better chance.

Once again back home we planted pur new things and the boys watched baseball and football while I sat on the porch. Smallest and I played mastermind and Chinese checkers and then we went for a short walk and scooter ride.

We all played football in the garden and then watched a film (The Giver, Small is reading the book at school) with a bit of tea.

Early evening a raccoon walked up our drive and I saw it through the window and pointed at it, it stood and stared at me for ages before it went through to Otto's house.


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