Sunday, 29 May 2016

Commando Boys Lunch

Another scorcher of a hot day today starting with temperatures in the Sun Room of over 40*. Outside it was around 31* phew. The air conditioning is still on thankfully so at least we have some respite from it. The boys were watching Britains Got Talent again this morning and we sat and watched with them and had our breakfast in front of it. We still haven't seen the final but it is our next episode to watch. Smallest wants Balance Taylor to win or the impressionist singer and none of us want the dog to win.

Lovely Allium from our garden......
....and a beautiful Peony (not as beautiful to smell though)

This morning we played table tennis, table football and Prehistoric Park (still an old favourite) before going out for dinner late lunchtime. We found out that the boys got ready to go in the pool and so had their swimming shorts on but no pants (underwear). Tut tut, commando lunch!!!! We had a lovely dinner and afterwards had to take our new clock radio back as the display was so bright, it woke Huffle and I up. We were only grateful no planes tried to land in our bedroom! While we were out Huffles sandals broke so we went and replaced them in the local supermarket, leaving the warm boys sitting at a garden table in the air con.

Back home we all went in the pool, used our new skimming net and got some more leaves out. Today the temperature in there was 26*. We briefly FaceTimed Grandma and Grandad but we kept losing the wifi signal. After a couple of hours pooling, we went off to Smallest's football practice. The early evening temperature there was perfect. Just a light breeze and the humidity right down. Lovely. Smallest worked hard and hurt poor little 'egg' who went off crying again.


Lots of people I know went to see Kasabian yesterday and tonight at Leicester City Football Club. Am very jealous. HB sent me this photo


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