Friday, 27 May 2016

Pockets and Goals

Huffle went in to the office again today. The boys went in to school. Last day of the EQAO for Smallest and today he didn't fall asleep but he is glad it's all over.

I went off to my final sewing class. Everyone seemed to be at different stages but I kept up fairly well, in fact I was ahead of some people. I learnt new things again, binding, sewing through many many layers of fabric, and putting my bag together. The lady who sat next to me said I had done so well, she was impressed considering I hadn't sewn much before, she said my only bad thing was not breathing. I tend to hold my breath when doing complicated parts. I am really pleased with how it is looking so far.

I did a quick shop on the way home and had lunch before finishing off sewing my other side of the bag and adding the binding. Look at me!!!!!

It was extremely hot and humid today and I did two loads of washing and tried to get the stuff on the line several times but we had a storm with thunder and rain. It didn't cool things down though at all and I managed to get the clothes dry. When the boys came home, I made a start on dinner while they practiced their piano and then Smallest and I went up to the pool leaving Small playing on his tablet.

Huffle came home and joined us at the pool and between us we cleaned, vacuumed, skimmed and Huffle and Smallest went in. It was really cold in there and even though I was really hot, I couldn't force myself in. We got out loads of leaves but all things considering it wasn't too bad. Nearly blue and we could almost see the bottom.

I briefly Facetimed Moo today. She hasn't done her packing yet!

After dinner, Huffle and Small went to football where Small played exceptionally well and scored a goal (that's $2 he says Grandad) which put the team up 6-4 (8-4 win after being 4-3 down) and Smallest and I stayed at home and watched Robots. Classic film.


Get well soon MissElderflowerMeadow xx


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