Monday, 30 May 2016

You say clothes pin and I say PEG!

The saga of the clock radio continues............ Yesterday Huffle took back the landing strip light that was advertised as a clock radio and replaced it with a beacon. It was a lovely little cube with soft orange digits but once the lights went out it showed its true function as a lighthouse. He put a tissue over it to dull it but that didn't work. In the end he put it on the lower shelf of his bedside cabinet and turned it to face the wood. A bit useles as a clock really as neither of us could see the time but as an alarm clock it was great. Well that ones going back now too!

Small had to be up early in order to go to Canada's Wonderland with the School Band. I gave him my phone and set an alarm for him to get up at 6am but because I knew he had to get up, I woke up extra early worried that he would miss his alarm, or the phone would run out of charge....... Basically we were both up at 6am although I did go back to bed for 20 minutes. He had to be at the school for 7:05am and he went armed with his $20 for lunch, suncreamed and very excited. He was telling me about all the rides he was going on and I was telling him that he wasn't to go anywhere by himself and always stay with his friends. He had already had the 'talk' at school about what was appropriate behaviour. Huffle picked him up from school early evening and he had his dinner and then I took him to the Doctors to look at his feet. Tonight is walk-in so we took a card game to play while we waited. Eventually we saw the doctor who said his 'bump' could be a cyst or scar tissue. He has to have an ultra sound (we may get this done on Thursday after school) to check there is no foreign object in there.

At home, Smallest was up and eating breakfast happily without having to argue about what he was going to watch or who was giving out the vitamins, whose lunch was whose etc. He went off to school and had a good but very hot day. When he got home he practiced piano and then had his piano lesson by himself as Small had not returned at that point. MrsPiano was very pleased with his progress and could tell he had been working hard. He is now ready for the Spring recital on Sunday. He played on his tablet until dinner and then Huffle took him to Cubs where he did fencing with baseball bats wrapped in foam!!! He showed me a few moves and he said he beat one of the Scouts and Smelly Alan Fartridge (who cheated).

Huffle's laptop is still broken (being mended on Friday) and he couldn't get his screen to work with his laptop so had to go into the office. He was not pleased at all but did get home before lunchtime with another screen and managed to get that working. He had to work upstairs as the basement was too cold. The air conditioning was still on up to around 2pm when we turned it off as it was starting to cool slightly outside with a nice breeze happening.

Before 8am I had done a load of washing, put them on the line, swept and swiffed downstairs, dusted the Living room, skimmed the pool and watered the vegetables. I should get up at 6am more often though I guess I will be asleep by 8pm! I went and did a food shop this morning, had a trip to the Post Office and looked for shampoo at the pharmacy to get chlorine out of hair after swimming. Why is that so difficult? I couldn't find any and I even text my hairdresser for advice but she didn't know of any either. I know Target used to do one for the kids but we haven't got Target here anymore. In the supermarket and the pharmacy, I asked if they had any pegs, clothes pegs, washing line pegs and made a pincer movement with my fingers (like a peg). OH YOU MEAN A CLOTHES PIN!

I came home, put the shopping away and made an omelette for lunch as Suffolk came round to sew. We had veggie omelette and a quinoa salad which was lovely. Huffle ate with us and then left us to get on with our sewing. I managed to do lots of undoing and only really made progress after she had gone (though she had given me perfect instructions). I made some pastry and a quiche for the boys dinner and some tiny jam tarts, cleaned the kitchen and did a bit more sewing.

It is starting to resemble a bag now

There is filming going on in the Hamlet again this evening. This time it is at he boys school. There is a sign up saying "Schitts Creek High School". Apparently there is a series called Schitts Creek. I have heard of it but not seen it. Small and I went last this evening, the were lots of people, actors, filming, lights etc. One of the stars is Eugene Levy who was the dad in the American Pie films


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