Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Filming in the Hamlet

I didn't sleep well last night. I saw every hour and dreamed many dreams. Though I didn't mind the dreams as I met up with some lovely people who I don't get to see too often - awwwwww.

Small had his early morning baseball practice which I took him to before seeing Smallest off on the bus and setting off for work, leaving Huffle at home being very busy.

At work we worked mainly in the potage putting in runner beans, tomatoes, nicotiana, did a bit of weeding and carried stuff to and from the greenhouse. It was very hot today : 29*. Isn't it supposed to be Spring? I picked and labelled twenty plants for the Garden Club Plant Sale that were kindly donated by Jeff and then got given a Canna Lily for Huffle because it was called Stewart Shuck. I also brought home lettuce plants, beetroot seedlings, Mina Lobata, purple Beans and Kale. Plus I was asked to go in and see Jeff on Saturday so he could tell me what plants I could have as a trial in our garden and also to grow some things now and give them back in the Autumn (to go back as greenhouse plants or stock plants).

I delivered the garden club plants to MrsRoyal, had a very quick FaceTime with Moo and then packed up my sewing stuff and went off to Suffolks. As soon as I got there I was marched to the garden to help her decide what steps, slabs and garden shape I thought she needed. I took a book for her to look at to plan her new garden too. After a soothing cup of tea and a chat we worked out how to get our zip ends sewn and I took the rest home as homework. I am going back tomorrow to make my pockets.

Once home, I quickly made dinner (the boys were already home and had done a chore each and were playing on their tablets). They did their piano practice and we all ate.

After dinner all the boys went out to Smallest's football practice where he was given his new hoody with his name on the back. What a time to get a team hoody - 29*!!!! Luckily it is too big and will be great in the Autumn/Winter. I stayed at home and did my sewing, cleared out the fridge and cleaned the kitchen. Mould we had a visit from MrBasement and Jimbob who are coming back tomorrow to do a job for Huffle on the drive.

The boys came home and said there was some filming going on so we all walked down the road to have a look. Apparantly they are filming a series called Mr Chocolates and had painted up the old train station building. There was a huge screen and lots of bright lights, police at either end of the road and loads of people. We couldn't see an awful lot but we can still see the lights from our windows. How exciting.


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