Tuesday, 31 May 2016

.......and he had to take a key to do it!

And the saga of the clock radio still continues................. Still too bright and now in a place where I can't see the time (neither of us has any spare time to take it back and find another) so in the meantime, I find Huffle searching for something innovative to make it less bright. In the end we came up with a part of an old shirt which I tied around the face of the clock, thus making it dull but seeable. We now call it Ninja Clock.

Huffle worked from the kitchen table today, beavering over reports. The boys went to school, nothing exciting happened to Smallest though he came home with a headache and was tired. Small had his baseball/softball tournament and won the first game 16-1, the second game was won too and they got through to the next stage but lost out in the final game. This means he doesn't have to be in the tournament tomorrow which is good news as he has had far too much sun today.

I went to work and was mainly in the potager where we weeded, planted nasturtiums and gherkins, thinned out the swede (rutabaga) and did lots of weeding and watering. It has been so hot the ground is like dust! Coffee break awarded us with Chocolate Peanut Butter Shortbread (not a fan of peanut butter but they were delicious). I also did some Facebook training for MrsM. I came home with pumpkin plants for the boys called Cinderella Carriage and Spooky Pumpkin (white), an anemone plant from Jan and some Thai Basil.

MrsM's Iris'

I had lunch with Huffle and a quick FaceTime with Moo who will be here with us tomorrow. This afternoon Huffle and I went to the Ear Nose and Throat Doctor. He seemed baffled as to why I was there really considering I had little or no symptoms but as my doctor had referred me, he looked at my throat and tongue, felt my glands and slid a camera down my right nostril and into my throat. No anaesthetic or anything, just a quick in, say 'E' and out again. I didn't like it but it was over very quickly. He found nothing. He suggested I could have reflux and to NOT eat or drink ANYTHING an hour before bed. He will write back to my doctor and hopefully that will be the end of it. I know my doctor wanted to check my tummy too but I'm not keen on that! While we were at the ENT Huffle went to the toilet and came back and said "will you be offended if I showed you a photo of Poo but not mine?" And then proceeded to show me someone's else's giant poo. I was quite disgusted that he would even take a photo, let alone show me and thankfully he deleted it before it entered our Photo Stream at home. Huffle said it was monstrous and not human made! Weird Man! Plus the lift (elevator) in the building had a really high ceiling. Someone in that building is obviously a giant! This morning the boys were discussing my camera appointment and small asked if I would ask the doctor about his invention idea 'putting a dissolvable camera in a cake and swallowing it'. The doctor said there was already a camera that was pill sized that you can swallow but it didn't dissolve. However you did have to poop (his words) it out. I asked if you had to give it back and he said 'yes if you are environmentally minded'. Maybe that was what was in the toilet!!!!!

We got home before the boys so we didn't have to do the Emergency Plan which was 'key left and MrsRoyal on standby'. I went and planted plants from Work, plus plants from the Garden Sale and my new anemone and when the boys got home Smallest planted his pumpkins (we used your leaf mould compost Grandad!) and he watered the veg for me.

Two peonies opened today from our garden

After dinner, Huffle and Smallest went to football practice on the BAD field that no-one likes.

Small and I stayed at home where he played on his tablet, rested his feet and I made Moo's bed and cleaned her side of the loft. My side is a mess but I have been so busy lately, no cleaning has been done properly.


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