Monday, 23 May 2016

Long weekend list day

After our busy day yesterday, we decided to stay in, relax and have a list day. We haven't had one for so long. The kids wrote it at breakfast time and there was a lot on it. Smallest and I played table tennis before the proper list started. I won the first game before the little stinker beat me. He is really good. I think he is in training for when Moo is here. He has now beat Huffle, me and Moo but Small won't let him play, I wonder why?

The first game on our list was Q-bitz (a puzzle game) which I won. Next was Catan which was a very long game. The kids teamed up and played a good defensive game but Huffle won after about an hour and a half. My choice was SkipBo which Smallest won despite him not wanting to play it. We had lunch and then it was Huffles choice - to put all the clothes away (not a game the kids would have chosen but it was on the list) and then Smallest chose to play on the Wii. Huffle and I didn't want to play straight away so we sent them off and went and sat on the porch and skyped Grandma and stinky Grandad. The boys called us in to play on the wii. We played MarioKart and then all played hide and seek. My favourite hiding place was sitting on the porch in the sunshine. Apparantly I cheated. I also sat in the cupboard in the dark (I don't like the dark so I played scrabble on my phone ha!).

It was a lovely warm day today with temperatures around 25*.

Above is our front garden. There were lots of lovely things flowering today.

Daffodils, Tulips, Epimedium, Virginian Bluebells
Tulips, Flox, forget me nots, front garden from the road and tiny daffs.

Early evening we all played cricket, bubble blowing, chalk drawing, baseball and football and then had dinner and watched some of the Scorch Trials until we realised it had zombies in it and turned it off and watched Britains Got Talent instead.

Phew busy busy day.


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