Wednesday, 25 May 2016

First ever zip

I took Small off to his baseball practice again this morning at 8am. He is now in the official team and is a pitcher (not a jug but one who throws). He is very happy and will be starting his tournaments next week.

Smallest had his EQAO tests today. He said it was easy and he wasn't stressed but he did heed his fathers advice and read through his answers afterwards. He has two more days of tests.

I went to MrsRoyals and gardened for a couple of hours. We dug out lots of the wild campanula and Jerusalem Artichoke and some general weeding. The time went quickly because we were chatting while we were working. It was very hot again today and muggy with a tiny bit of rain first thing.

I finished at lunchtime, Huffle had made my sandwich and I had a quick shower, ate with him and took my sewing machine back to Suffolks for a couple of hours of sewing. I actually managed to sew a pocket with a lining and a zip. Wahoooo. It is irrelevant that the pocket was inside out (the lining is the same as the outside so who will now but me and the teacher and the other seven people in our class! I was quite proud of my only slightly wonky zip in my inside out pocket and tomorrow I have five more to do plus a dentist appointment and a need to shop for food! Arrrrrrggggggghhhhh.

Huffle had a busy day ending with a two hour call, however he did manage to open the pool and despite its brownness (have I made a new word?) it is now in a state of muted green. MrBasement and Jimbob arrived this afternoon and sealed and cemented the part of the drive that meets the house which should stop any Basement leakages. He also helped Huffle tighten something on the pool pump.

I came home not too long after the boys arrived home and started on dinner. There was much talk and excitement about the baseball team and EQAO and the start of the House League football.

After dinner we all went to football where Smallest had to attend a game to show his support for a young boy who died of Liver Cancer recently. It was very moving and nice to see so many people turn out. Huffle and Small went off to their match which was happening at the same venue but on a different field. Once Smallest had finished his part, we went and joined Huffle and Small. This was Huffle's first coaching game of the season. He was very pleased and has a great team with some decent talent. They won 8-1. There will be some balancing of the teams and I'm guessing they may take a few of the good ones away, but we'll see. Huffles team played against the team that had the two French boys that Huffle also coaches on the side.


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