Thursday, 26 May 2016

Fall asleep on the carpet

Huffles laptop wasn't working this morning, it was just a bunch of lines and squiggles. He called the Help Desk, took his work phone and jumped on the mower and cut the grass. Later he went in to work to get it sorted and stayed there for the rest of the day. He broke the clock radio this morning and when he was in the office sitting at someone else's desk, he managed to throw a bottle of water over their papers. He also has to go in tomorrow.

The boys went to school and I got my sewing out and sewed a zip wrong because my needle was in the wrong place. I started again and managed to sew a whole pocket perfectly, the correct way round this time and a slightly less wonky zip. I read the pattern, got some other pieces ready and sewed a bit more. Happy with that, I got dressed and went to the dentist. Today was a routine hygiene and check up. I knew I had a problem with one tooth that was slightly wobbly (I thought it was due to me clenching my teeth while I sleep). It seems the gum has worn down and I have to have it taken it out. I need to see a different dentist in the practice who will advise me about taking it out and maybe putting in an implant. I know this is a surgical thing so I'm not completely happy but next week I see him and discuss things and decide later. OUCH! I see him the same week I have the camera down my throat to see what's happening there. Oh I love getting older!

I did a quick food shop, enough so we could eat for the next few days and pooped round to see Suffolk who helped me understand the next part of our sewing pattern. I went home, had lunch and carried on sewing. I finished all main pockets and I have to say that my last zip was fairly straight and quite good looking. I started to make my clear pockets which includes vinyl (what a horrible material, it sticks to everything and moves when you sew arrrrgggghhh) and a zipper and a loopy thing, but then the kids came home and were full of things I had to sign and listen to, so I put everything away for tomorrow's class.

Three of my pockets

Smallest did his EQAO today and finished before everyone else. His teacher could see he was tired and told him to lie on the carpet if he wanted to. He fell asleep, bless him, for about twenty minutes. He said when he woke up, everyone was laughing at him. He didn't care though, he felt much better. I wish I could do that sometimes. Small had a good practice of softball today and was full of his impending trip (Monday) to Canada's Wonderland (a theme park) with the Band.

I signed their forms, listened to their stories, gave them a chore each and made dinner while they practised piano and played on their tablets. When Huffle came home we all had dinner.

This evening was Smallest's first game of the season. We were asked (as parents and fans) to all attend the game and sit together as a 'family'. We were also asked to get there 30 minutes before the game (yawn) so they could have a team talk and a warm-up. The boys were also told to take it easy at school today and sit down at recess (yeah right!). Unfortunately we had four of our team out due to illness, injury and holiday and the team we were playing were very good. We lost 13-0. Eeeeeekkkkkkkkk.



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