Sunday, 31 July 2016

Yellow belly snipper snapper

Ingredients for breakfast collected by Huffle including the picking of fresh raspberries. Pancakes made by me. Fruit expertly cut up by Smallest. Table beautifully set by Small. All of us ate it and sat reading online newspapers, playing games and generally having a lovely Sunday morning relax.

For a late lunch we had a "special price" Fish and Chips and then walked them off with a 7.5 km walk by the lake starting at the Mushroom House. (It has a weird shape and reminds us of a pixelated Mario Toadhouse). Smallest took his scooter and we all had a go on it.

The orange training cricket ball was used as a bowling practice and as a boules at the stopped scooter person. We had a berry throwing war too but I think I came off worse.

PokeStops were found and eggs collected plus various Pokemon caught. We passed a couple of gyms but we couldn't be bothered to do that part. We'll save that for our special Pokemon Day out later on in the week. We had two eggs being incubated and had to walk 5km but soon realised the app had to be running constantly so we didn't quite get those done.

It was very cloudy and dull but very humid and sticky. We made it to the beach but it was quite stinky due to the lake weed and the little amount of rain we had today which we missed while we were eating. There were lots of wild flowers around and birds flitting everywhere.

On our way back we stopped for ice cream and a sit down before setting off and finishing our walk and then driving home.

They weren't really as big as our heads!

Everyone sat on the porch to cool off with a drink when we got back. Huffle sealed the pool yesterday and refilled it this morning and added chemicals. It was a dark green but is now a pale blue. Tomorrow will be a pool day if it is as warm as it was today.





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