Thursday, 1 September 2016

Timber Neighbour*

We were woken by the 'City' (council) taking down a tree at TheRoyals as well as the lorries beep beep beeping, depositing their waste in the field. All before 8am. Soon the kids will be back to school and I will have to get up at 7:30am but in the meantime I am trying to get as much sleep as possible.

Late morning, the boys and I packed up some lunch, put the bikes in the car and headed out to the lake again for a spot of cycling. We went to Rouge Hill Go Station again and cycled the other way. It was supposed to be cooler today but as soon as we got there, the temperature went up considerably, luckily there was a breeze from the lake and lots of clouds to keep it cooler at times.

We caught a few Pokemon, cycled along the trail and over the bridge, sat on the Beach and tried to avoid the seagulls while we ate half of our lunch and then cycled further on to find some shade.

We had to go back almost to the station to find coolness and finish our lunch. We then cycled the other way until we found some nice rocks to sit on all by ourselves. Small went off searching for PokeBalls and Smallest and I sat looking at the lake. We were joined by three other families and we cycled off to another part of the lake and found more rocks to sit on by ourselves. This time Smallest cycled off looking for PokeBalls and joined another family Pokemoning where they all caught more Pokemon. Small and I sat chatting and watching the lake. We were all quite tired and decided to cycle back to the car and drove home

Yesterday we were 'allowed' to check online to see which teachers the kids had for the new year. Small has the same one as last year. A proper sciencey, maths geeky kind who suits Small perfectly, though I will be having a word with him at the start of the term to find out why his reports have gone from excellent to average. Smallest will now be in a split grade 4/5 with the Music Teacher and French Teacher (he starts French this year). I know the French Teacher and feel I can approach her so I'm hoping that will be good though I am not keen on these split teachers as I don't feel they always communicate with each other about the students. Still we will see. I will be keeping a close eye. This afternoon we popped into school to see where their new classrooms are. They are both in the older part of the building which will be knocked down in December to make at for a new improved building, so will spend next year in Portables (portocabins). It might be cold in there! We chatted to Smallest's teacher from last year who said he was sorry to lose Smallest but felt he needed to move on with the bigger kids (being in a split with the year up kids helps him considerably). We also chatted with the French teacher, the Secretary and the Principal. I think the boys are happy.

Smallest had a hot soak in the bath as his back is giving him some trouble and Small made brownies while I made more Courgette Loaf for the freezer. It's so good warmed up. Small's brownies came out beautifully.

I made dinner and the boys played on the Wii. This evening we all watched Smallest's football game. They lost 6-3. Coach wasn't there so AssistantP coached, well I say coached, he drank his coffee and stayed quite quiet. His son played the majority of the game and Smallest spent a good time on the bench. Not that it mattered today as he needed the rest but interesting to note!

*Huffle noticed the tree in between us and Otto was split and dangerously swaying in the wind. We have had several branches fall down and one dented my car. So today he went round and told him about it. He instantly climbed the tree (Otto not Huffle) and tied the branch up and apparantly called someone to take it down. He told me that they were coming this afternoon but the tree was still standing when we got home. It will probably be taken down at 8am tomorrow!


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