Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Moo, a film and the goodies

Poor Smallest came downstairs at 10:15pm last night, disorientated, sleepy and hungry. We gave him a Cracker with butter on and he dozily went back to bed. When we spoke to him about it in the morning, he didn't realise it was so late and he thought he had come down after his shower, not realising he had been asleep. Funny little bear.

Small's baseball team from yesterday

Both boys went to school, Huffle set up his screen on the kitchen table. After my shower, I came into the kitchen singing and he pointed at his earphones and kind of made a 'it's ok, carry on' face. I couldn't believe he meant for me to keep singing as he has never asked me to sing voluntarily! I think he felt guilty about being in my 'space' and much later he disappeared with all his gubbins into the cold Basement. I was very impressed that he noticed the washing needed to be put on the line even though I put it in a basket in the kitchen. It all helps and for that I am grateful.

I went to aerobics and we were all feeling a bit lethargic. We opted for sitting and talking but ExcerciseNic just took it a bit easier on us and we abondoned the cardiac for more strength and floor work. Still hard but quite relaxing. I had my shower, made my lunch, packed it up and drove to the airport to fetch Moo.

The traffic going was horrendous and the car park was being cleaned so a lot of the place was blocked due to pressure washing which was annoying. There was a notice saying that filming was underway but I didn't know what for. I was secretly hoping they were filming another Love Actually. I didn't have to wait too long for Moo. She came out waving and I instantly knew they were going to film us as I had been watching who was being filmed and what they were doing. We hugged and I whispered to Moo about the filming but she didn't hear. As we walked away we were stopped and asked if we would sign to say we could be on a programme called Hello Goodbye (apparantly its on Sky and CBC Canada). Moo only had her back to the camera so she didn't have to but I did. I'd only just got out of the shower too, I bet my hair was a mess! Apparantly this is the programme that Small thinks is the silliest thing in the World so he thought it was hilarious! The programme makers said we might get filmed when she goes back too as they are filming right through to September.

The traffic wasn't too bad on the way home but we did have to get off on a different exit as there was construction everywhere. Moo had told us before she arrived that she wasn't bringing as much as usual. I beg to differ when I saw the contents of her case!

After she unpacked we went for a walk around the garden and waited for the boys to come home. They were full of smiles and hugs for Moo as they got off their bus. Lots of chatter about school and football and then the tidying of bedrooms. Smallest was hoping to entice Moo to his bedroom to look at it but really for her to tidy it for him. He was wrong but she did help him. Beds were made with fresh bedding from the line and then dinner made after looking at all the yummy things Moo had brought.

After dinner and watering of plants, Moo, Huffle and Small picked up Small's friend and they went off to football. They won again 13-4 (another goal headed in by Small).

Smallest and I stayed at home. I sewed a bit more (just the last huge part of hand sewing all the binding and then it's finished) and Smallest played on his tablet and then we both played Agricola and I beat him by one point. It was a good game.

As I was preparing for him to go to bed, ClownRose text me (she lives across the road and further down from us) to say a weird person was coming towards our house. Apparantly he stopped at the house next to theirs, put his lawn mower down still running, wee'd up a tree in their garden and then carried on down the road seemingly mowing the Tarmac. He picked up a beer at the beer store, spat all the way back and walked across the field! This is a weird Hamlet at times. LittleMo wrote him a note saying he was bad for weeing up a tree and that Small (Elfee) and Smallest (Fretee) would agree with her.



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