Thursday, 21 July 2016

1km swim, 2km cycle and an hour of footy

A very hot and humid day today with temperatures in the 30's but feeling like high 30's. PHEW!

The boys and I finally got ourselves together mid morning and cycled to Swimming. Poor Smallest was really struggling but luckily MrsSwim had asked MrSwim if he could look at the bike. All it was, was his back tyre rubbing on the frame and he untightened it, moved it into place and retightened it. Now he moves like lightning and can use the gears correctly.

Both boys swam 500m today in less than 15 minutes. For Smallest, it is a requirement for his Level 10 badge. For Small he will need this for his Bronze Medallion that he will try for in Winter. They both struggled but did it. They have the rest of next week to keep trying too. Small also practised saving Smallest.

We cycled back home and had lunch. This time we all stayed inside as it was so warm. Much later we gave in and put the air conditioning on for when we got home from Smallest's football game. After lunch the boys showered and played on their tablets, tidied the sun room and went on the Wii.

I went to Suffolks and finished planting her new plants for her. It was incredibly hot work and I stabbed my back on a tree branch. OUCH! Why am I so clumsy? We had time for a cuppa, a chat and a look at how to make blinds.

When I got home the boys were on the Wii in the nice cool of the basement, Huffle was busy at work so I made dinner and then had a chill on the porch for five minutes waiting for Huffle to finish work. After dinner we all went to Smallest's game. The score was 5-3 to the other team and they were very much the stronger team if not a little rough. There was plenty of action and five minutes from the end, our team started looking good and got a few goals. Huffle said if they had had ten more minutes we would have won. It was a good atmosphere with good banter and the humidity was dulled by the lovely breeze. Smallest worked very hard and had bright red cheeks when he finished.


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