Thursday, 28 July 2016

Captain England

Since Huffle hasn't been able to find a suitable digital alarm clock that doesn't keep us awake or bring down planes, I have no idea what time it is when I get woken up. I supppse that's not a problem. Last night/this morning though I was woken by a train coming through the Hamlet. HONK HONK HONK for what seemed like half an hour as it passed all the crossings! Huffle said he didn't hear it but I complained to him and he answered me back (he was asleep!!!). Smallest said he heard it too but there's no knowing with him!

I am very tired today and very lethargic. I don't know if it's the weather or the lack of full nights sleep or the 'four weeks into Summer Holidays'. The kids were fighting verbally this morning about who sat where in front of the TV. Huffle had a word with them as we disturbed him with our shouting (yes me too). They were both very apologetic.

All the washing has dried from yesterday thank goodness and there is no more rain forecast for a while. It is still so humid though. We have never had our air con on for so long.

We are now getting a problem with the wifi as it keeps dropping. The curse of Paul White. We called Bell out and they snuffled around our outside box and the box on the telegraph pole and went away for 20 minutes leaving us with a connectable router but the router wasn't connecting to the outside. He came back and changed our modem/router for a better one which now means we can have a speedier wifi (well we've heard that before but Huffle and DAN, as the boys call the Bell Man, are quite confident).

The boys and I cycled to swimming. Smallest went first today as Small has a problem with his chest hurting (Huffle thinks it's his ribs because of all the deep breathing he has been doing with swimming everyday and football on top of that) plus his knee hurts from football last night. Smallest swam his 500m in just over 15 minutes and then tried to perfect his side stroke. He also swam with clothes on and tried to dive. He found it difficult with his clothes but fun. I have no idea whether he is going to pass his Level 10 but it doesn't matter as he is still too young to take the next level anyway so we can do it again in the Winter when Small does his Bronze Medallion.

Small did half of his 500m but quite slowly and then quit. He was very tired he could hardly cycle back home. He also swam in clothes and tried diving. He perfected his diving and we took lots of photos to show how his legs were. He did really well.

At home we had nothing else planned for the day so we had lunch, played Ghostly Galleon and Snakes and Ladders, played on tablets and on the Wii. I made a new raspberry patch and put in some of the shoots that were escaping on the grass. It was very hot work. I also did some cutting down and found Mina Lobata growing. I had some time to myself relaxing on the porch until MrBell came.

We had dinner and then we all went to Smallest's football game. They played against that awful team we played in the Winter where one of the players constantly fell or rolled over and our supporters shouted at him for diving. His parents and one of the coaches got mad and started arguing on the pitch at the end and one of the parents followed our coach home and threatened him. Because of this, CoachOl returned (possibly to keep things smooth should anything happen). Apparently that same parent came up to our coach and said "remember me?". Idiot!!!!

So, the game......... Smallest was Captain today. The referee was the one Huffle and Small call 'ChampionsLeague Ref' as he makes the kids line up at the beginning to shake hands and applaud their supporters.

The final game was 9-2 to the dirtiest players I have ever seen. Blatant falling and diving by the same one as last time. Definite pushing and shoving and a most disgusting attempt at hacking one of our players down as they were running towards the goal. He got a yellow card and there are never any cards given in any of the games. The referee did miss one of Smallest's hacks but we didn't mind as there had been plenty against us. As far as I know there was no trouble at the end but Huffle was up and shouting abuse at the players and the ref at one point. All of our supporters at one time were standing and shouting about how disgusting the play was and Small said the ref looked over at us and nodded. The coach's son got hacked down twice and had quite a swollen knee at the end. Smallest got a whack to his elbow and a punch to the eye. He also said the players were swearing at our players. Tut tut!

Back home there was TV to calm down before bed.



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