Sunday, 24 July 2016

Baseball, Rounders and Cricket in one game

What started out as a very slow relaxing day, eating breakfast at 10, turned into a tidy and clean up. We have a stair basket that accumulates anything in the house (downstairs) that doesn't belong there. Now the idea being that when you pass it, you take what's yours. This rarely happens and today it was so full and overflowing that Huffle and I took it upon ourselves to go through it. Most of it was stuff brought home from school but then that resulted in stuff needing to go into the boys rooms which then turned into them tidying and us cleaning.

.....and lots of silliness

The bathrooms were cleaned too during the process and floors swiffed and swept. By then we were bored and we got to sit and play and relax until we decided where to go for mid afternoon dinner.

Today was cloudy up until early evening when the sun came out fully. It was still very warm but not as humid, probably around 28*. During dinner we chatted with the owner about Pokemon Go as he had downloaded it yesterday too. It seemed the whole bar was playing it.

Later this afternoon we Facetimed Grandma and Grandad and then played Baseball. I was playing rounders but the boys were playing baseball. It seems the rules are very different. I didn't realise you had to run if you hit the ball even if it wasn't a good hit so I kept getting out, though I did get a few Homeruns because I can hit the ball! Huffle also got out for forgetting to run. He was obviously playing cricket!

This evening Huffle and Small coached the FrenchTwins and I watched Smallest at his practice. Huffle got injured again when he bent his foot the wrong way. OUCH!

Today's harvest



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