Sunday, 17 July 2016

Cute as a button but a pain in the ar5e

A better nights sleep and only woken by two women flying (on their broomsticks) by shouting to each other. (I say on their broomsticks because I couldn't hear a bicycle or their running feet), plus it was 9:30am so I guess it was okay.

I promised the boys homemade pancakes this morning so everyone helped. Small was my sous chef today adding chocolate chips or blueberries to the pancakes and telling me when to flip them. Huffle and Small prepared the fruit, drinks and the table.

More washing was done today, end of the holiday washing and beginning of the bedding washing. Luckily it was a nice day so everything went on the line to dry. The boys played on their tablets while Huffle and I cleared out weed trees, weeded the veggie garden and harvested another batch of vegetables including a round cucumber, beans and our first batch of potatoes (not too many but nice ones). We also vacuumed the pool and added chemicals and checked out the wasps nest which unfortunately needed doing again. We earned ourselves a rest and sat on the porch.

We all had lunch, the boys watching TV and Huffle and I watching something on the porch. Huffle and I had a good look around the front and side garden, deciding what to move and what our next plans were and then had another relax on the porch with an ice cream. Today is Huffles last non-work day.

After a rushed dinner we all went off to Smallest's football practice. It was quite cool with the sun disappearing behind clouds but no rain. There is some forecast later with storms. Coach made lots of references to Smallest being rusty due to being away for two weeks, like "you've eaten too much lobster". He made a reference to having not practiced and I told him we had spent two weeks on a beach. He said "you can still practice on a beach". I told him we didn't though. When he pays Smallest, then we wil practice while we are on holiday!! Huffle and Small had a kick around too by themselves.

Huffle re-sprayed the wasps nest. He will check it again tomorrow and has an extra long pole ready to knock it down.



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