Tuesday, 5 July 2016


The results in the Holiday 'Canada's Got Stones' have been counted and verified and the winner is............LINES. Smallest is very happy as this is the one he found himself.

First thing this morning was cloudy and slightly cooler. It was quite refreshing not to have to escape the harsh sun for a change. After a very slow breakfast, a relax on the hammock and games of chess and draughts, I persuaded everyone to come for a walk along the beach.

We packed nothing and just walked, found stones, skimmed, climbed, got a bit grumpy (our nearly teenager) and mostly enjoyed the solitude. There was a huge rock some of us climbed which had lots of people's carvings in it and we found lots of fossils in stones and rocks nearby. The stones here are so varied, in colour, size, pattern. We could live here forever and still be amazed at the different rocks we find. There was a beautiful butterfly that seemed to follow us too.

We did not bump into any people for the whole walk and we ended up walking for 2.5 hours. Not fast paced, just dawdling but it was very nice. I had a sneaky lie in one of the beach hammocks. There is no sign saying they belong to anyone but they obviously do. The rest of my family thought that I was very naughty. Pah!

Back to the house for lunch outside on the deck and a swing in the hammock, that wasn't naughty, it belongs here!

We were all very hot and bothered so took minimum stuff down to the beach for a quick swim and a game of French and normal cricket. Unfortunately we forgot the umbrellas so stayed down there for a very short time. Very enjoyable though.

Back up the steep forest climb, showers and back out for dinner at West Side Willies for pizza and pasta. We came here when we first arrived and our waitress was very attentive and happy to serve. Today wasn't so good as the waitress seemed detached and busy. She didn't help me choose a beer and was a bit short with us. The food, however was lovely and she forgot to charge us for two huge milkshakes, a Sprite and a beer so I think we did okay.

Tonight we decided to come back to the house early for a relax before bed.


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