Thursday, 14 July 2016

Waving goodbye to wavy waves

Another hot and humid sleepless night convinced us today was our last day. We finished all our breakfasty things off and had pancakes, toast, eggs poached and fried and juices. Everything that didn't get eaten got thrown away except for a sandwich for Smallest for his lunch. The rest of us had our Manicotti's from last night.

Two games of chess and plenty of messing about and we ended up on our beach at midday. Surprise surprise, the lake had waves, biggish powerful ones. The kids were overjoyed. Not quite the kind where they could body board but they certainly made up for it by flinging themselves at them. It was very hot today but very breezy. Sand was everywhere and it was difficult not to get sandy. Huffle and I decided the waves were not for us and paddled, wandered up the beach, played Cricket a la water, read and generally watched the boys having a whale of a time.

Huffle is reading Smallest's book - the kids think that's his reading level
I know the waves don't look big but they WERE over their heads!
The kids were following Huffle around and copying him

We coaxed them in for a rest and some shade before we had lunch and then they were off again. Splashing, riding the waves forwards, backwards and upside down. Otto2 came down this afternoon and washed his boat, moved it into the water (it was like a small catamaran but had no sail, no oars and no rudder). We were very curious as to how he was going to sail it. However, in the water he just moved it along the beach a bit, pulled it up and tied it up. Strange!

On our walk we found a balloon from Detroit, from across the lake and some big mahoosive turkey vultures

We called it a day around 4:30pm and came up, had showers and started packing. Everyone worked really hard and we were on our way by 6pm.

On the fridge in our cottage was a post it note with some details, eg phone number of owner, the fact we could use all the condiments we wanted (MrWhite was so very pleased with his condiment collection), anyway I wanted to write on the back a list of enhancements he could make but Huffle wouldn't let me. Small and I pretended we had left a message written in the steam on the mirror in the bathroom saying that his wifi was rubbish! We left a note for next door thanking them for their help and their wifi.

This has been one of the nicest places we have stayed in, the area not the house and the food establishments the best too. On the way home we travelled for 70km with no one in front or behind except for one lorry that pulled over. Lovely - Huffle was feeling very smug with himself after reading reports on Facebook of people stuck on the M6 and M1 back in the UK. However this all changed much later after we stopped for dinner and when we came out it was dark and raining really heavily. We were on the highway and lorries were trundling down the middle lanes at stupid speeds spraying everyone's windscreens, going over the lines and driving like absolute idiots. we saw a car upside down in a ditch and judging by the driving, we were not surprised!

Ahhhhhh it's nice to be home. It feels so big.


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