Saturday, 23 July 2016

I just caught a Jigglypuff on the kitchen table

Oh boy I can't remember it being this hot before. Today was a record hot day for this time of year. Of course this was the day we had long awaited for tickets to see the Blue Jays and Huffle wanted us to be driving away by 10am. It was I who held the party back becuase I couldn't find my baseball hat and so we left 20 minutes past the AIS time (ass in seats).

It was a busy hours drive down into Toronto but we parked in our usual 'ticket on the dash' car park and started to make our way towards one of our favourite Gelato places, staying in the shade as much as possible. When we got to the gelato shop, it was closed with lots of people outside looking disappointed. While we wondered what to do, the owner opened it up. Hurrah. We had Key Lime, Stratiatella and Raspberry and ate them inside the air conditioned shop whilst watching people catching Pokemon outside.

On we trudged to the stadium and to the outside part where games were being played. We stood under the mister to get cool and Smallest and I made a poster before queuing up for the 'fastest throw'. The girl who was pointing the speed gun was useless. Most of the time she wasn't looking at what was being thrown and the gun said what it wanted. We watched some really fast pitchers who scored a feebly 28 when it should have been in the 50's. Of course when the boys did theirs, we had no idea what their speed was but they seemed to do well. We were too hot so went inside where the kids (and Huffle) had their tattoos put on and then tried the 'Plinko' game where Smallest won two placemats and Small won a bowl and a bracelet. We went up in the lift as we were up in the gods again in the 500's and it was too hot (have I said that already?) and Smallest played on another game while we waited for Small and Huffle. This time he won a keyring. He went back to try his luck halfway through the game when I went to refill our water bottles and won another keyring. He was desperate for a bowl!

Our seats were right at the top, right at the back on row 24. We couldn't get any further. This wasn't too bad as we found behind our seats there was a bit of shade and we stood there for part of the game trying to escape the sun. Today the Blue Jays played terribly against The Seatle Mariners. To be fair, there was so much going on around us, kids standing up and moving seats, mum's going off and getting drinks, Dad's buying beer from the portable vendors, birthday songs, a bunch of Spanish supporters. It was all going on. I tried to focus but everytime I did, something made me look at something else and I missed it. Towards the end it got more exciting though and I did watch that part. Several Homeruns and spectacular catches. They still lost 14-5.

This lady sat in front and made herself some earrings out of peanut shells
This was my view for most of the game. Big headed baboon
We could see the CN Tower from our seats

We walked to the nearest pizza place and ordered our slices for taking to the harbour but they burnt them. Eventually we got pizza and sat on the harbour wall watching the boats and ducks and people catching Pokemon again. This time I downloaded it for a laugh and we caught several Pokemon who just happened to be walking by. What a silly game, but the kids like it. I can't believe you just stand around and catch Pokemon - I caught one on the baseball diamond.

Smallest found a ducky friend

We had lots of drinks, listened to a bit of music, walked around the harbour and finally into a hotel to take advantage of the toilets, ice cold water and air conditioning, before driving home. Everyone was starting to feel tired and headachey and once we were home we had cooling showers, more drinks and Small looked for Pokemon in our home. I found two on our kitchen table. I'm going to regret downloading this!!!!



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