Monday, 18 July 2016

Has it been three days yet?

I slept well but apparantly my snoring kept Huffle awake. Whoops.

Huffle went back to work today and I only saw him a couple of times and he seemed very busy. The boys and I had a slow morning, getting swimming stuff ready, pumping up bike tyres, finding goggles etc. Mid morning we cycled off to the other end of the village for swimming lessons.

Both boys are swimming by themselves and not in groups. Small has done all the badges he can do so is just doing endurance and perfecting his strokes. Smallest is Level 10 and no one else who goes is that far ahead. I prefer it like that because sometimes the younger ones put the kids off when they don't listen and mess about. Mine go to swim and that's just what they do. It was nice to see them back in the water properly doing swimming. MrsSwim asked if they wanted to do competitive but neither of them do. To be fair there isn't a lot of time with Football. They both swam really well despite their long absence from it (though swimming everyday in the lake on holiday probably helped). We cycled home and had a quick lunch before heading off to Suffolks for some gardening.

The boys went off to the park to play football but it was too hot so they sat in the shade and played something silly and then helped to chop up wood. Gardening was hot work today but we got a lot done and tomorrow we are going plant shopping to fill in some gaps and put some lovely colour in her garden.

I took photos to show Suffolk what is flowering in our garden at the moment

We came home and the boys had an ice cream and went on the Wii while I made dinner. We had French beans, broad beans and beetroot from the garden - yum yum. After dinner we had a visit from MissMo again looking for treats from the garden. She went away with a beetroot, some raspberries and some beans.

Tonight Huffle introduced the boys to Robot Wars. We are eagerly awaiting the new series. Waspgate: Huffle decided to knock down their nest tonight with my line prop which he has left under the decking when he ran away like a little girl into the barn. The nest still has wasps in and he will spray it again tomorrow.

Today I heard the term 'East Indians' ie, East Indians have bought the Co-op (Beer Store). At first I wondered what East meant, East of India, Eatern India, and then I realised. West Indians come from the Carribean but East Indians come from India I guess. I have never heard that term before.


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