Monday, 4 July 2016

Should'a chugged it

Well that was a better night than we expected. Smallest slept all the way through and despite Huffle and I going to bed finally at 1:30am, we slept in till 8:30am. As we left Smallest sleeping last night his breathing sounded gravelly and rattly but when Huffle checked on him this morning, it was clear and steady. He slept until way past 9pm. We tested his breathing after his first ventolin use and it went right up to 200. What a difference from the 50 he did last night at the hospital.

Quiet relaxing reading time

We had breakfast outside again, a game of chess and then a FaceTime with Grandma. We had a very slow relaxing start and then went off to pick up Smallest's prescription. The Pharmascist was very nice and helpful and suggested we didn't need the extra tube as the one provided by the hospital was sufficient - that saved us $35. Everything else; steroids, extra inhaler was covered by our insurance bar $4. We also bought him some new antihistamines as suggested by the doctor last night and confirmed by the Pharmascist today. We picked up some water shoes for Smallest and some more breakfast items and a baguette for lunch which we ate on a shaded bench next to the main beach. It was very interesting watching the passers by on the boardwalk and the beach. After our impromptu lunch of ripped baguette smeared with Laughing Cow and our lovely sweet treat from the bakery, we ventured along the boardwalk for a while before we got too hot and turned around.

Everyone decided we would go back to the house and see how we felt. We were all very tired but decided to go for a dip in the lake nearby after gathering enough stuff for just two families today. There was one other family on the beach who we met briefly this morning when they walked by the house. It seems they are relatives of MrWhite's wife. They left the beach shortly after introducing themselves. Perfect.

We had a god couple of hours to ourselves to swim, play French Cricket, Cricket and more Canada's got Stones. We have decided our shortlist of today's stones will go to the Public Vote and Smallest would be very happy if you could help us decide what the final ones should be.

Just pausing to say that while writing this, Huffle is currently digging a splinter out of my heel with a plastic knife and he thinks he was successful.

After showers and a relax on the house deck, we ventured into Bayfield for dinner. Huffle chose a pub called The Black Dog which was excellent. I had a craft unfiltered beer which was lovely and had a vegetable curry with it. Yum yum. Smallest was obviously feeling much better and definitely had his appetite back as he tucked into a full size burger.

After dinner we had a poddle around the town. It was very pretty and had quite a British feeling about it. It's a good job the shops were shut....... The boys found a giant sailor and we wandered around the lovely craft places.

It was a beautiful evening and we passed by several ice cream shops before deciding on a place where we sampled Jalopeno flavour. NO! That doesn't work! Today's flavours were: coconut, s'mores, salted caramel truffle and Key Lime Pie. We sat and watched the World go by again before getting up and driving to the beach just to check it out for another day.

The sun was just setting as we climbed down 80 steps to a lovely sandy beach, quite small very nice.

We didn't stay long as it was late and we have all had a good day, with Smallest feeling especially good, a few coughs but appetite back to normal if not more, medication being taken regularly and a much happier, sillier, boy.



Aunt Pear said...

Sharkie for me. Glad the little man's on the mend xx

Sarah Tomson said...

I'm voting for lines....I love it ❤️
Glad to see Canada's ice cream business is being tested fully and that smallest is feeling a bit better xx

Mrs Rumbleskins said...

Another vote for Lines. So glad to hear smallest is feeling better. xx

Mrs Rumbleskins said...

Another vote for Lines. So glad to hear smallest is feeling better. xx

Spanish Chica said...

Yup lines for me too!!

AA said...

Definitely Sharky!