Sunday, 10 July 2016

GARY I'm going to rip your nose off!

This morning we all watched the Wimbledon final. It was very exciting and we were happy it didn't go on too long as we wanted to get out of the house and on to the Beach. WELL DONE ANDY.

How I found the boys when I got up and a Blue Jay that was trying to attract lady Jays by splaying itself out on the top of the shed

At breakfast we squeezed around the table in the fully functional kitchen (I say functional but they don't own an egg slicer, just saying). It was quite a squeeze too but it had to be done because we had considerable rain last night and all the outside furniture was wet.

We finally managed to get out of the house sometime around lunchtime, packed the car full of beach stuff and drove to Bayfield. We had dinner at the Black Dog again but there was a different menu due to it being lunchtime. The kids had burgers, Huffle had Salmon Cakes and I had Quiche. Very very nice. I also got try a different beer called Tobaggon which was excellent. Monopoly Deal once again came in very handy for keeping us from being bored while waiting for our food. We always attract a lot of attention wherever we go, either with our accents or our card playing, mainly in a good way, people want to know what we are playing or where we are from. One girl said the other day "I'm going to steal that idea when I have kids".

After our lunch we had a quick look to see if the Frog painting was still for sale but it had been sold unfortunately so we all had an ice cream instead. Flavours today were Polar Eclipse (Mint/Choc marbled with a crumbled biscuit), Key Lime, Skor, Rainbow Sorbet. We took these and walked around the car exhibition which was all Thunderbirds ranging in age from 1955 onwards. We particularly liked the 1950 style ones with open roofs. On woman's husband bought one for her because he didn't want her driving his. One of the owners looked at Smallest with worried eyes, possibly afraid he was going to smear rainbow sorbet all over her white car.

My favourite is the blue one. Huffles was the zz top car that wasn't in the show at all.

After this we went to the beach. Parked up and climbed the 88 steps down to a fairly busy beach but I happened to see a family just clearing away and headed for their lovely secluded spot. We had a partly shaded bit right next to the water with some interesting trees trunks lying between us and the water. We spread ourselves out a bit so we had maximum room. Apart from the odd passer by, we didn't get many intrusions. One intrusion was noisy man with beer in hand shouting things we couldn't understand, another was man with wine in hand with a noisy dog called Gary. A lady sat close by reading her book quietly and a woman and a child sat nicely playing near us.

The boys went straight into the water and Huffle threw the ball to them like excitable puppies. I got in for a swim and stupidly said I would swim to the shipwreck. I didn't think I would really because sometimes I get a bit panicky when it's really deep but the boys wanted to go so we swam out. It was a really long long way and the boys were fabulous. I kept losing my flip flops (which I had to keep on because of the stones at the beginning of the water) and ended up putting them on my hands. Small and I tried a different stroke which was break stroke arms and font crawl legs, it worked. Smallest just dived through the waves which went over my head several times. I tried to get the boys to come back when I realised how far we were swimming but they wanted to go on, get to the ship, climb it and jump off. Small was really good with Smallest and kept offering to give him breaks by letting him hold on to him. He offered to help me too but I am an excellent water treader which is a good job else I would never have got there. Eventually we arrived and grabbed hold of the ship to get a break. Then we realised that was dangerous as the waves were throwing us up against the rusty metal ship. I dragged Small away as he was being hurtled at it and insisted that Smallest swim around the other side. We could hold on for a while safely and then we swam back. This time we swam directly back and not on a huge diagonal which we did on the way there. Huffle took a few photos of us. As we got to the shore, I banged my knee three times on huge rocks OUCH!

The three dots on the TL photo are, from left to right, Smallest, Small and me.

TM is where we were trying to swim to.

B&W photo is when we got there and one of us is the dot on the right near the ship.

MR is us coming back.

Phew that was a tiring swim!

The rest of the afternoon we collected stones for the mini Canada's got Junior Stones (we lost them though so I can't show you), swam, played catch, read and people watched. We also had our tea of Egg Sandwiches on there before having to get off the beach quickly when someone shouted "I need a poo!". Everyone packed up and we were home before you knew it. Bags emptied, showers had and then relaxing outside on gadgets with a cup of tea.


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