Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Flyaway Games

Huffle and I slept in until 9:30am though we did have quite a broken nights sleep. It was so hot and airless. The boys are suffering from too many late nights or being too close to each other for so long as they are starting to pick fights and speak horribly to each other. Huffle has already banned tablets for tomorrow morning for them fighting. "He called me stupid so I called him fat!" Oh dear!

Smallest is on his last but one Steriod this morning. He hates it, he says it tastes like wee and he has to drink 30ml of it. It makes him retch and he dithers over taking it. His ventolin puffing is going well, he does it without problems and knows what time he has to do it. Unfortunately I can't remember what the doctor said about how long he has to have it. When I read back on previous posts it said steroids for two weeks and ventolin for two days but that makes no sense as the steroids only last for two days. He seems okay with the ventolin as it is so maybe we'll carry on for the rest of the week and see how it goes. It is certainly not stopping him climbing as those steps to and from the beach are really steep! We gave the house a vacuum today anyway and all the doors and windows are open. I don't think there is a problem with pollen though something is affecting me with my breathing and itchy eyes.

Late breakfast outside started our day followed by a game of Chess with Huffle and Smallest and then an everybody game of Catan. We now have three games that all connect to each other but only brought the basic game with us, however we forgot a few of the main elements of the game so we had to improvise. It was also breezy so our stone collection came in handy as card weights. I won with Smallest a close second. The boys read quietly by themselves until we went into Bayfield for an early afternoon dinner.

A painting Huffle and I really liked

Today we chose the Albion Hotel. It was nice, not spectacular but nice. We got to watch a bit of Wimbledon and Andy Murray was playing. We came away just before the start of the Wales v Portugal game. Wandering down the Main Street of Bayfield, we just happened upon a Gelato place so thought we would just see what they had. Today's flavours consumed were Lemon Cream, Strawberry Cheesecake and Salted Caramel which we ate on the bench outside.

It was a much cooler and cloudier day again. There are three main beaches and we chose the one near the park first. It was high up some steps and we could hear people so we ventured to the one with the car park Of course this was full of people and the sand wasn't so good so we tried the last one. This is where we came the other evening after dinner to see the sunset. It was perfect. Just a smattering of people, lovely sand with a handful of stones at the waters edge. We set up camp with just an umbrella, four chairs and towels and our orange ball. We all went into the water and swam. It was the warmest in there it has been so far despite the coolness out of the water. It was nicely shallow and also deep at the same time. The boys stayed in forever and Huffle played catch in there with them while I read my book.

There was sunken ship in the water and the seagulls were landing on it and taking it in turns to stand apart equidistant from each other. It was fascinating to watch. People were diving off here earlier
Panoramic of the beach

Eventually one by one the smattering of people disappeared until it was just us left. More swimming, a bit of walking for me and later with Smallest, more reading, lots of catching and much later on lots of wave watching. The waves got bigger but not big enough for the body boards but the boys did lots of wrestling in there and surfing on their bellies! They loved it.

UNO on the beach for all of us with r makeshift towel table

We almost stayed until the sunset but I needed the loo and the sun went behind a cloud right at the last minute. We think we planned our day perfectly today.

The lady next door gave is the wifi password again to her wifi as we are having no end of trouble with MrWhites. We did email him this morning but he said he has the same problem. Not impressed MrWhite. We specifically asked for wifi, that means we want it. That doesn't mean we are happy for it to drop out every five minutes! False advertising! Thank you lady next door, you are a lovely lady. Yesterday she gave us a pile of leaflets telling us what was happening locally. Today she gave is the local newspaper to read. MrWhite, you are lucky you have such a nice neighbour!!!!!!


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