Thursday, 7 July 2016

Goofy sherves Shoup for're welcome

What a terrible nights sleep. It was really hot and we had every fan on in the house. They were so loud. I tried to imagine they were the sea with crashing waves but that just annoyed me more. My tongue also swelled up a bit and seemed far too big for my mouth - I don't think that was a dream because I got up and had some painkillers! Small said he had a good nights sleep. Huffle was disturbed too but because of me. Smallest slept like he always does, very peacefully. Today he had his last steroid medicine and was very happy about it. He is so much better, I can't believe what a difference it has made.

Breakfast today was Mummy's scrambled egg in MrWhites pan on a slow burning ring. I think I overcooked them waiting for the toast. However we have now decided that the toaster is a better router than the router itself. We plugged in the toaster where the router sits (as plug sockets are at a minimum) and we decided we would write the password (the correct one) underneath it. Thereby making a piont about how useles his wifi is. After a couple of games of chess, we collected our beach stuff, packed the car, wrote our shopping list and headed for the supermarket. We didn't need much but our first supermarket we abondoned due to the fact they had no raspberries or bananas.

Boys messing with the toys

The one next door had everything we needed except we picked up some strawberries and they disappeared between the inside of the supermarket and our cottage. Strange! Everything got stuffed into the coolbox and we made our way to Kincardine.

Wind turbines a-plenty

We went here in 2013 (I was reading the blog to see whether we liked it there or not) and one of the boys favourite places to eat was The Hawgs Breath Saloon. I think the big attraction of 2013 was that they got to sit at the bar and they felt like Charlie Big Pants. Today we couldn't fit in at the bar so we chose a table. We ate soups of Chicken Thai, Red Pepper and Goats Cheese and Potato Leek and Bacon. With that came Garlic bread for Small and I and Pulled Pork for Smallest and Chicken Parmigana of Huffle. I also ate half of Smallest's salad for him. It was very nice, made so much better by our waiter who had a very comical way to his speech. Everytime we said thank you (which was a lot, well we are British after all) he said Youuuuu're Welcooooome. It reminded us of Goofy and Smallest was seen to be peaking under the table to check if he planted his right foot in the same way as Goofy. Whenever he spoke he had a very sing song like slant to his voice and added SHhhhh's to all S Words. YOU WANT SHOUP? FOR SHURE! SHOUNDS GOOD! We were very giggly.

As our dinner wasn't huge we ended it with a walk to the ice cream shack. Now this server could have done with some training from Goofy as he was miserable and lacked any personable skills whatsoever. Our SMALL ice cream was huge and we all had Skor Bar Crunch which was very acceptable for a wander down the Main Street, looking in the shop windows.

When we were sitting having breakfast this morning we noticed a kind of mist that we first thought was smoke coming over the tops of the trees. It carried on with no smell and we soon realised it was from the lake. We could see the mist all along the lake front as we drove. When we arrived in Kinkardine the lake was completely covered in mist or fog and it was impossible to see more than 100m in front of us though occassionally it cleared so we could see a lot more. It was very strange and nothing I have ever seen before.

The boys swam in the lake but it was much cooler in there today. The sun never really peaked out through the mist but it was still warm enough to sit in. Small and I walked to the concrete wall dividing the harbour and along it but when we got to the end we couldn't see Huffle and Smallest at all. When we got back they walked to the lighthouse. Again they couldn't see anything. We played a couple of games of UNO, a couple of games of Monopoly Deal and built a sandcastle.

Our tea was on the beach and consisted of the leftover pizza and a decadent biscuit. We were joined by George the seagull who gave up in the end as we were just too hungry to leave even a crumb for him. We abondoned the beach early today as the mist did not seem to be clearing and the boys were getting chilly without the sun to warm their bodies.

Smallest's team played a game tonight and they lost 6-1. At what point are they going to realise it is demoralising for the boys to constantly lose so badly. Why did they have to put them up two tiers so quickly. Idiots!

A glass in a glass? One of MrWhites novel glasses!



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