Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Like-lost inflatables-Like

Smallest giving Small a massage while putting his sun cream on

Today's adventure was possibly the worst day of our holiday (bar Smallest in hospital obviously) so far, for me. We had decided to go to Grand Bend beach because the kids really wanted to. They were desperately hoping for big waves but said it didn't matter if there weren't as long as we went there. So after a leisurely breakfast, followed by a couple of games of Chess, we packed our bags and car and drove 40 minutes away to a busy 'Blackpool' style beach. Shops, restaurants and ice cream places lined the road down to the beach. Because the car park was pretty expensive, Huffle dropped us and the stuff near the beach and parked the car further away and then walked back to join us. In the meantime we found a spot (I won't say a space because space was at a premium today).

This is a nice photo of the beach before it got too busy

This is a big wide sandy beach with a lovely shallow to quickly deepening water with a sandbank somewhere after the deep part. It is lifeguard protected and so very popular with all sorts. We found a spot between a group of girls to the front of us (lots of like like likes and selfies), two smokey men (of course) by the side of us, two smokey women (of course) to the other side of us and various people (including coulee who ate 20 sandwiches - Small counted) at the back. The boys and I managed to get all our stuff on the beach and put up various umbrellas which instantly flew away or inside out before Huffle found his way back to us. Umbrellas and inflatables were flying all over the palace today. Several umbrellas landed in the water clipping people on the way and seven inflatables (that we saw) were lost forever.

My ear is still very deaf and all noises are indistinguishable, echoey and horrible. My right eye started itching and running from the moment we got in the car, I don't know if that is allergies or whatever but it carried on for most of the day making it very sore. One person had to constantly sit by our big Sportbrella all day in case it flew away so we couldn't all go in the water at the same time. I hated the beach, the water was nice and I hated the fact that we couldn't all play together or do anything away from our camp. It was also so humid and hot with humidex reaching 40* so doing too much wasn't really an option anyway.

The boys had a good time, I think though Smallest was very aware that I was not having a great time and tried to keep me company. Him and I went for an ice cream walk and bought ourselves a lemon and salted caramel gelato and tried to sit in the shade on the grass until the flies started biting me (not my day today). We sent Huffle and Small off for ice cream when we got back and we made Sandcastles and tried to play UNO (too blowy and we lost a few cards).

There were a few games we played with the ball in the water taking it in turns to keep hold of the umbrella and watch our bags (too many unsavouries about today to trust leaving things on the beach). We stayed until about 6pm when Smallest and I took it upon ourselves to clear everything up while the other two were in the lake. We then trudged along the road with all our stuff until we found an outside eaty place (we were wet, sandy, tired and hungry). What we had did a job and we walked back towards the car. Huffle left us in a shaded area to get the car and we drove home via a shop to pick up Olive Oil to soften the wax in my ear (if that's what's in there. Huffle thinks it's lake weed).

There is still a weather warning in effect with humidex of 40* and the low will be 21* overnight. OUCH!!!!!

The boys watched The Baseball All Star game on the TV while Huffle and I sat outside where it was cooler.


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