Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Anyone for croquet?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNT PEAR. Hope you had a lovely day.

Huffle and I didn't get up until 9am. This is getting to be a habit. We are going to bed later and later and then rising later too. It has to stop as Huffle has to go into the office early tomorrow.

The boys and I cycled to Swimming again today where I delivered a jar of Comfrey Juice, a bag of Comfrey leaves, a couple of courgettes and a pool noodle. All these fit into my basket, wish I had taken a photo, it looked ridiculous. I gave MrSwim full instructions on how to use the fertiliser and MrsSwim showed me a book about Herbal Medicine. In there, it said that Comfrey was used as a cure for backache for men who had indulged in too much pleasures of the flesh. How funny. MrsSwim said "no wonder it's used widely in England". What did she mean? Small did his 20 laps in less time than before and practiced his lifesaving on Smallest. Smallest did his 20 laps in a quicker time (though I was doing the counting today and I kept forgetting).

We cycled home and Small's chain fell off and got jammed between the frame and the cogs. Huffle and I prised it off eventually but it took us a while. Bikes and kids - Pah!

After very quick showers and a lunch I took the boys to have their hair cut. I forgot to take a photo of Smallest but he was told at football by his coach that he "looks like a fine young man". I did take a photo of how much hair was on the floor because I was amazed and wondered if we could make Huffle a hat for Christmas out of it! After their hair cuts, the boys played with MrsHair's kids outside while we had a chat and a drink together.

The rest of the afternoon was spent playing outside, playing on tablets, going to the library, fixing bikes and making dinner. Smallest and Huffle went to football practice and Small and I stayed at home and played Agricola in the evening sunshine on the porch.

This evening we had a visit from MrsRoyal inviting us for a croquet tournament. Unfortunately we are not going but it sounded fun. We will do something else another time.



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