Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Daddy won by a foot and a toe

Last night threatened high humidy and rain and although it started out very humid, I don't think we got the rain. No-one is sleeping to their full potential, hence everyone is a little moody at times. Huffle and I have decided that ten days is a good time for us and holidays (in this country anyway). A week isn't enough and two weeks is just too long. We long for the comfort of our own beds, constant wifi, non sandy feet and beds, and air conditioning instead of a hurricane jet of a fan that we sleep with!

Today we had a beautiful day on our local beach, all to ourselves bar the odd walker and inflatable passing by. After breakfast we trudged down the steps, camped down and stayed until around 5pm. We had lunch there of leftover focaccia made into triple decker sandwiches and Gourmet Skor triangles which Smallest chose from the supermarket yesterday and was kept cool by two huge freezer blocks. Huffle fetched us some ice poles mid afternoon from the house.

Two inflatables passed us today, one was a huge beach ball that Huffle spotted ages before it got to us. It was too far away to swim to and he forbade us to fetch it. However, Small and I disobeyed him. He swam towards it and I swam diagonal to it in case Small missed it. We got it and then I let it go by accident. It was travelling really quickly but Small was determined to get it. He swam to shore, raced along the sand and swam back in, realised he had missed it and swam back to shore again. He raced along the shore again and swam back in and finally caught up with it. That's stubbornness at its best. I swam along watching him to make sure he didn't get into any trouble and we brought it back to camp. It was kept in the tent until later when Smallest played with it and then the boys played cricket and water volleyball. It got a slight leak and Small set it free before we left the beach.

Another inflatable passed us in the form of a lilo (we don't know what they are called here but when Otto2 asked Huffle about it, he looked confused when he said it was a lilo), once again Huffle said we weren't to get it as it was much further out. I had a go but I was worried it would be difficult to get it back so I left it but it looked like it might have landed on the beach much further down. We didn't bother getting it.

It was really hot and we have played a lot of cricket a la water today, plus swimming, a bit of (jackers) boules, UNO and Smallest and I walked along the beach, picking up stones and later played 'Huron's got Rocks'. One that was very similar in shape and texture to a pumice stone won and I even pumiced my feet with it.

We think we are going home Friday after breakfast as the weather report is not good. We are supposed to leave Staurday midday but we don't like to waste a day driving so normally go early evening but the boys don't sleep well and if the weather isn't so good, we might as well go Friday in the day. We then get a weekend before Hufle has to go to work. We turned the pool pump off before we went so we need a day or two to get that back to swimming conditions.

After showers and a general gadget play, we all went out to Goderich where we had Manzarotti again (more than enough for lunch tomorrow) and two games of Monopoly Deal. Then we walked twice around the square trying to make room for ice cream which we succeeded in doing. Today's flavours were Key Lime (Huffles fave this holiday), Caramel Salted Truffle and Gold Medal Ribbon. We sat on a bench and watched cars do the circle of the square (I think that makes sense). If anyone stared at us we held our cone up to show them. We got a few waves, they may have thought we were fair folk who had just moved in nearby.

This evenings sky
Ice creams

Smallest and I popped into the supermarket for a last loaf of bread and I was trying to teach him about the 13% tax added at the checkout. Seems that bread isn't taxable and neither is ice cream. Well you learn something new everyday.

Late night edit: it is 11:05pm, thundering and lightning (we have no proper basement so Huffle can't hide anywhere) and the house is incredibly hot. All the fans are going. Smallest has a wet flannel on his head and Small has a wet tea-towel draped over him. Both had trouble getting to sleep. Huffle and I are sitting with large ice blocks (the type you would use in a cool box) under our feet to try and cool us down. The whole of Ontario and beyond are under a storm watch and it is supposed to go on through the night and into tomorrow up to 2pm. Oh joy! At this rate we might just go home tomorrow!

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