Friday, 29 July 2016

Hey! You didn't play AGAIN*

It was quite cloudy today but still warm though the humidity has dropped considerably thank goodness. The morning was spent doing very little. The boys played and watched TV. Huffle tried to do as much work as possible before we dragged him away to swimming for an hour of fun.

The boys and I cycled to swimming and Huffle followed later in the car so he could get back to his work quickly. Smallest passed his Level 10 and she said he had done brilliantly and was a very strong swimmer. He was over the moon as we had just been talking about him doing the badge at Swimming in the Winter, expecting him not to pass. Small got awarded the Hamlet Medallion (which was an old medal she had from ages ago). She wanted to give him something as he had worked so hard. Bless. I got in with the boys today and we swam until Huffle arrived and then we had a boat race. Huffle pushed Smallest's boat that he sat in and paddled with his arms and I pushed Small's boat. The idea was to get to one side and put an item in the boat, get the boat back to the other side to empty it and go again, it was exhausting and I ended up staying in the middle and just pushing the boat past me.

Trying to get a decent photo of them at the same time with their awards!!

Next we played Ball Tag and then Water Polo - also very exhausting. We did a few dives and underwater swims and then all the boys had a frisbee thrown at them while jumping off the diving board. We played frogs in the middle and at the end we had a sponge fight. It was fun but we were all so tired after an hour of it. Huffle drove home and the boys and I cycled back. Small's chain fell off before we got home so I fixed that.

We had lunch, watched TV and played various games. Small and I made chocolate courgette muffins. We were very lethargic. Obviously Huffle had to work but he did finish a little bit earlier. This weekend is Long Weekend Civic Holiday so he is off Monday.

I did a spot of gardening and feeding but couldn't manage much. After dinner we all went to Small's football game. There are a lot of kids away possibly because of holiday or maybe they didn't realise it was on tonight due to the Long Weekend. They won 9-2. *At the end Smallest ran on and joined the line of boys to shake hands with each other and the coaches. Their coach MrShoulderShove said "hey you didn't play AGAIN". (He remembered him from last time).

Beautiful clouds this evening



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