Saturday, 9 July 2016

Orange Impossible

It was a grey day with rain threatening. I knew there was an Art Market on and I was determined to go and have a look whether my family came with me or not. I broached the subject at breakfast and Smallest said he would go because he knew I would take him to the book shop and he needed something new to read. Huffle said he would go because he likes to keep me happy. Small ignored me and dreamed of staying home alone with his tablet. However, they all decided to come as the weather wasn't good enough for the beach and what else could you do on a dull grey day? So after breakfast of ready made pancakes warmed in the oven (ummm not sure about that one!), we packed a maybe beach bag for later and fleeces (yes it was slightly chilly) and drove off to Goderich Square where a market was set up in a circular fashion. Huffle said this was so people would wander round and round and not really know if they had gone all the way or not.

There was a lot of lovely things for sale which we didn't buy but did appreciate the work gone into such things. We found several bookshops and the first we went in was a Christian Bookshop. At first we thought they wouldn't have the book we wanted but then we saw it did all sorts so went in. After checking the children's section we started to walk out when the owner shouted "anything I can help with?" I DOUBT IT, WE ARE LOOKING FOR AN ENGLISH AUTHOR. "Ask me and I'll check for you". DAVID WALLIAMS. "..and the title?" I looked at Smallest and he said rather loudly BOY IN A DRESS. "NO! We haven't got that!" Huffle and Small skulked out giggling and at that point I realised:- we were in a Christian shop and we had asked for a book called Boy in a Dress! Eeeeek, Smallest couldn't have rehearsed that one better if he had tried. We explained outside the shop why this might be a problem. Smallest said he could've asked for RATBURGER OR GANGSTER GRANNY.

The next bookshop was a second hand shop and we found a book based on a film he had seen. In the middle of the Art Market we found a book seller that was selling books by the inch. We found a Paddington, Charlie Brown and Kidnapped. It started to rain quite heavily so we ran back to the car and drove to Ipperwash (60km) where we were stayed last year. We remembered one of the place we ate at and stopped there. Once again we had our Monopoly Deal to play while we waited for our meals. Smallest asked for Baked Potato (yesterday I said they were rare here and now they are popping up all over the place) with beans and some cheese. It came loaded with cheese and bacon and then she bought a bowl of beans. Baked beans, kidney beans, chick peas and pineapple (I think it was pepper but Smallest said it was pineapple). It was bizarre but he really liked it. Smallest had a Macaroni Cheese which was the second best he had ever had (mine was first - da dahhhhh) and I had a baked veggie pasta. Huffle had chicken on a bun. It was all very good.

Smallest has discovered a love for all things fizzy which he normally isn't allowed!!!
Huffles favourite thing to see on holidays is the Native Smoke Wagons

We drove to the Ipperwash Beach and after the storm yesterday it had washed up all sorts of stuff, the water appeared black and the waves were crashing. There was no way the kids were going in there today as we worried about the undercurrent, thought the few people on there said it was surprising nice (despite the blackness). We wandered along one way, watched a man learning to body board and the walked along the other trying to avoid the waves that were very quickly coming in. It was very funny and I nearly ended up sitting on a mans lap!

There was an ice cream shop we frequented nearly every day last year and a flavour we particularly all enjoyed so we walked to the shop. It was the same woman with mainly the same flavours but not the one we wanted. I was still too full from dinner so we decided to leave it and go to another place we knew. This was a fair drive away but they made really good ice cream milk shakes. That's what we had for our tea (we are on holiday). Our flavours were strawberry, raspberry ripple, chocolate and Skor. They were incredibly filling and I had trouble with the strawberries getting stuck up my straw.

Next we drove to Grand Bend Beach which we knew was really busy but wanted to see what it was like. It was packed, even today and there were many fools in the water. Here it wasn't black or lake weedy but the waves were huge (proper huge MrsRumbleskins). Here was the second highlight of our day (Christian bookshop being the first) where we watched many people in the water. Three men and a Selfie Stick were trying to take photos of themselves and huge waves crashing over their heads. Two girls uncontrollably falling over all the time and our favourite, Mr Orange and the American Football boys. He sat on the edge of the water rolling in the waves waiting for the football to come near him. His friends were all in the water amongst the waves having the ball thrown over their heads and then trying to retrieve it. It was soon apparent that Mr Orange was as drunk as a skunk and couldn't even walk let alone swim or catch a ball. It was extremely funny to watch but also we were quite worried for his safety (Huffle edit - only a little bit) There were life guards there and they were whistling at the people going too far out. There were Kite Surfers, Surfboarders, body boarders and some silly man trying to surf on a lilo. There was plenty more hilarious things to watch but we only paid for an hour in the car park, plus we were all sat on a blanket in the strong wind.

Top Right you can see Mr Orange in orange shorts sitting in the water at the edge
Standard seagull shots
Bottom Right: the difference in all of our skin colours!!!

Our drive back to the house almost made the sun come out fully but it obviously didn't want to play ball today. Once back everyone was too tired to do anything more so we sat and relaxed, chatted and played on tablets.

What a different day. Very entertaining.


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