Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Ice creams for everyone*

I got up a bit earlier this morning as I had a shopping spree planned with Suffolk. I left the boys at home with instructions to clean their teeth, make their beds and open their curtains (I knew I would only be gone an hour at the most). Huffle also asked them to practice their piano and apparantly they played three pieces each.

When Suffolk moved into her house (pretty much the same time as we moved into ours, 4.5 years ago) her garden was full of plants and flowers. She has since been taking out all the plants (with my help) and putting down grass as she wants space for the kids to play. Now she is starting to add plants back in and I helped her choose some nice ones today. She took them home and placed them (I will probably plant them in the next day or so). It's strange how some people are so scared of planting. She was worried about whether it needed full sun or part shade. I told her one of the plants liked full sun but that it worked perfectly well in the UK and that there is a definite difference to the amount of sun here and there. I keep telling her it doesn't matter and we can always move them if they don't work. I believe she bought some more on her way home.

I got home in time to whisk the boys off to their swimming lessons. They didn't want to cycle today so we drove, checking by the library on the way for the opening times. Once again both lessons were good though Small spent half of his lesson re-learning CPR. He is supposed to be doing endurance and stroke refinement so I could tell he wasn't completely happy. I will try and talk to her tomorrow and see if he needs to do those things seeing as he isn't going for any particular badge. We have looked up which badges he can do next and the is one a year he can do towards his lifesaving and becoming an instructor starting at age 13 through to 16. He will probably carry on with these in the Winter. Smallest was having trouble with his breaststroke but I think he is just out of practice. They had a mini competition at the end to see who could make the biggest splash off the diving board. Small won!

We had lunch and then Smallest and I did a shop for chlorine, some food and Pokemon cards. The check out lady asked if we were into Pokemon Go". No we are not! Such silliness. She was telling me that some Pokemon stuff was being hidden in secluded places to entice people there to then rob them of their Pokemon stuff. It's probably just a fad but I'm happy my kids are not into it. It's only just arrived in Canada apparently though Toronto Botanical Gardens were advertising that they had pokemon there. Very modern. Small stayed at home and played on his tablet.

When we got home the three of us cycled to the library where we met a curious librarian who never stopped talking. The boys signed themselves up for the Summer Reading Challenge, got a couple of books and we cycled home. Smallest's bike has a problem with his brakes rubbing, making it difficult for his wheels to move freely and Small's front brake wasn't working properly. I think I need to get them serviced by a professional.

Once home I started on dinner while the boys filled in their reading stuff. Smallest has to read fifteen minutes a day (which he normally does anyway) and fill in a sheet with what he has read and Small has to read 200 pages and write a review. Each 200 pages gets him a ballot for a chance to win something good. At the end there is a silent auction. I am happy that they are reading and writing during the Summer.

Smallest helped me with dinner and stirred my sauce and added seasoning to his taste. He thinks he is a proper chef now. We had pan fried haddock with a parsley sauce, new potatoes from our garden and our green beans. Yum yum. Smallest started to make Apple Crumble but he got bored peeling the apples and then we realised he had football training tonight so everyone went and I stayed at home to finish the crumble, tidy up and make custard. I also had a nice relax on the porch with a glass of red after watering the garden.

*Coach asked Huffle to play Centre Back but was told if he got injured he had to buy ice creams for everyone. Suffice to say he didn't get injured. Well that worked.

The boys wanted crumble because it smelled so good so they both got a small amount before bed.


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