Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Two swims

Huffle went off to the office this morning around 8am and he was disappointed that the Nuts and Seeds shop (where he stocks up on all our seedy requirements) has moved. The boys and I had a morning of them playing and sorting their bikes and swim stuff (or did they?) and me stripping beds and washing. Two lines of washing was hung out in the blistering 32* heat plus high humidity (I'm only saying because when I got home late afternoon during a rain and thunder storm, all the washing was hanging on the grass and was wet through and had to be washed again - GRRRRRRRRR!

As we were starting out for swimming we realised Small's tyres needed pumping. I could have let him do it himself but the process would have taken too long and we would have been late so I did it, in the blistering 32* heat blah blah blah. Then Smallest forgot his towel and had to let himself back into the house so I told Small to go ahead as his lesson was first. Small then came back because he had forgotten his towel too. Meanwhile Smallest got the key stuck in the door. I was tired, hot and had very little patience and tolerance left and all before 11am. MrsSwim offered me a beer (at 11am?) but I waited till evening time when I could properly enjoy it.

At swimming Small did his 500m in a much slower time and then did some diving and rescuing techniques. Smallest did his 500m and also did it much slower. He did some dives and perfected his side stroke. Tomorrow they both have to swim with clothes on. We cycled home, had lunch and the boys played on the Wii until we went off for round 2 of swimming. This time we met up with Suffolk and kids plus two extra ones and swam at the Leisure Centre. Suffolk and I sat and drank tea, ate an apple and had a good chat. They enjoyed the swimming as they got to play in the Lazy River and go down the slide. They were there for two hours.

On the way home we hit a huge storm. The rain was so hard, there was zero visibility and Small had to help me find the roads. At the side of the roads were huge puddles and we were aqua planing. There was also thunder and lightning. It wasn't nice to drive in. Then when we got home we had to deal with the washing.

Dinner was made quick, Huffle was already home so everyone helped. Small and Huffle went off to their football tonight and Smallest and I stayed at home.

Smallest is very moody at the moment. I don't know if he isn't get enough sleep or isn't coping without the routine of school.


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