Friday, 8 July 2016


Another terrible nights sleep for me but one where I woke and had a weird feeling it might be raining. Weird because our fans were on and you can't hear anything above them, plus I am deaf in one ear from the lake water being in it. I got up and went outside to remove the towels that we left drying and it was indeed raining, just spitting, but still raining. Whoooooooooooo weird lady!

New app I was told about today. Love it

For breakfast we had waffles heated in the router toaster with fruit. The boys all like Nutella on theirs but I like maple syrup which we also forgot to buy. Honey was good enough though. It was nice to have some fruit for breakfast. Huffle and Small went out much later for cakes from the bakery and brought back maple syrup and strawberries for me (my lovely family).

After breakfast we played chess (we found another set so two games were played at the same time) and then several games of UNO in the shade. It was very hot and we collected our stuff and headed for our local beach. The boys went down first and we were surprised to find them under the Sportbrella, which they had put up themselves, reading together. Small and I went for a little walk and then he abondoned me for a swim back to the others who were playing catch in the water. I carried on walking and got to the point the other end that we haven't walked to before. It was a long walk and it was very hot but I mainly walked along the shoreline half in the water, half out. At least that has satisfied my curiosity for what is further along the beach - NOTHING. It seemed completely inhabited and unreachabl e but beautifully isolated too (my favourite). I did wave at the others but they said I looked like an ant and couldn't really see me.

We took our lunch down to the beach today which consisted of sandwiches and a club. But then we suddenly craved doughnuts and Huffle had a headache so off he went to get painkillers and took Small with him and they drove off to the bakery and the supermarket. Smallest and I played French Cricket, built a sandcastle and swam. When the others got back, after a quick cool off in the lake, we sat and ate our alternative doughnuts (the bakery only sells what they make that day and today they didn't make doughnuts).

We had an interesting game of cricket where we had two fielders in the water, one bowler and one batsman and we changed it round everytime someone got caught out. It was a lot of fun and our fielding beluga whale did a lot of diving and swimming after the ball.

Goderich, which is our nearest town, has been under severe thunderstorm warnings all afternoon and we watched the clouds carefully. When they started to turn slightly, we left the beach and one by one had our showers. It started to thunder slightly as Small and Huffle left the beach (Smallest and I had already gone) and we quickly emptied our bags and hung wet things up before the rain came down. The clouds certainly had some amazing formations this afternoon/evening. We got into the car just as it started raining and then while Huffle was driving through Goderich there was a huge crack of lightning that was loads of forks at the same time. Now we know Huffle is a not a fan of storms but he started shouting "BEGOVIC BEGOVIC BEGOVIC" What he actually wanted to shout would not have been appropriate with the kids in the car, even though they knew what he meant. Everytime there was lightning afterwards he stepped on the brake. Silly bugger, he didn't even know he was doing it. Luckily there was no-one behind us. We got to the place we were going to eat and sat in the car park for a while and then ran like crazy to get inside. We chose a very popular place this evening at the top of a hill overlooking the lake. It was crazy busy and we had to wait for about fifteen minutes just to get a table but there was no way Huffle would have gone outside for a while so we just waited. Eventually we got a table and we knew the wait for food was going to be long but we had our Monopoly Deal cards with us, several tv's to watch and live music.

It was really noisy and my deaf ear was causing me trouble, not knowing where sounds were coming from, plus the music was loud too. Our game was played using sign language. Smallest didn't play as he was tired and hungry and watched the TV. Our food was okay, I had been craving vegetables and nothing fried and I had a grilled Salmon with Honey Mustard and a baked potato. I don't think I have had a baked potato in all the time we have been in Canada (it's not really a Canadian thing to do with a potato) apart from when I have made it myself of course. It's a shame it didn't come with veggies but I did have a salad.

Caramel Caramel Cup, Orange and Pineapple and Crazy Coconut

Our neighbour told us that the Piper piped down the sunset on Fridays at the lake front so we went for a look but we were too early so went back up to the Main Square and had an ice cream, a wander and then drove back down to the front. There were plenty of cars driving round but no sign of the bagpiper. We parked up to watch the sunset which was obscured slightly by the large family having their bath night and also the clouds.

Back to the house, storm over but still a weather warning in effect. They seem to think we will be getting hailstones later and the warning is up until 2:59am. Very precise!


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