Friday, 1 July 2016

Grandma Mongst Gucci*

Happy Canada Day or Dominion Day as it used to called. A holiday for all. Everything is closed and the festivities begin. Apparantly today marks th date when Canada became a kingdom in its own right. Well Happy Birthday Canada. Up till today, there was a ban on fireworks because it has been so dry.

Photo borrowed from T'internet


A nice lie-in, no interruptions and rain, lots and lots of rain. It rained all day which was good for the garden and good for the fact we had lots of packing and cleaning to do so we didn't need the distraction of sunshine.

The boys are obviously over excited as there was lots of silliness, lots of tellings off and quite a bit of attitude. The morning was spent finding clothes and piling them up, finishing the last of the washing and drying (no line drying today BOO), choosing books, drying out rain soaked chairs etc. MrsRoyal came over to see where everything was that needed watering and eating - the vegetables are growing at a rate of knots, we will have nothing to come back to but at least they are growing well, even the raspberries are starting to go red.

The boys have played on their tablets, on the computer, on the Wii and on the piano. Huffle and I had a bit of leisure time where he watched the football (I supported Wales today and he supported Belguim) and I sat and altered my too long trousers that look like PJ's to everyone else in the house but they are so cool and comfy! I will wear them.

We managed a FaceTime with Grandma and admired her new Gucci glasses (Mongst* was a word she used on Hanging with Friends - silly word).

By 8pm all packing was done, washing dried and sorted, sewing finished, boys showered and sitting down finally began.

Holiday tomorrow.


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