Saturday, 16 July 2016

Baby's rolling innit!

Despite the fact we are in our own comfy beds, I am still not sleeping properly. 3am and I was awoken by the smell of skunk, a dirty smelling spraying animal skunk squirting its stinky spray under our bedroom window. It smelled so bad I could taste it!

After breakfast and a very slow start, we persuaded the boys to come to see a Lavender Farm. They were not enamoured by the idea but actually enjoyed it and were pleasantly surprised. The farm was in Greenbank and was run by a husband and wife team who own a 56 acre piece of land with a man-made lake, fields and a small lavender farm. I think I was expecting the huge avender South England or of French farms but it was only four years old and quite small. It was very beautiful though and we had a tour on a golf buggy with the husband owner. He told us about the place and that his intention was to create a place where people could spend time and be happy, bring a picnic, play and just enjoy the space. I personally felt it needed something more there to make families spend more time like a cafe for a start as there is a lovely seating area that overlooks the lavender and the lake. There is a gift shop that sells teas and lavender products and we ended up buying some lovely honey but it isn't made there. We think they could do so much more but the owners are in their 70's and probably don't want the extra work. If only I was more entrepreneurial I could have offered my skills in baking or my newly acquired sewing skills to make things for the shop.

It was quickly established (by the owner) that English Lavender is better than French Lavender

The boys had a good play on the trampoline, swings and hammock and Huffle fell off the hammock three times which I was lucky enough to catch on camera. Naughty Famfa!

Frogs mrSmallest found

We were told about a British style bakery nearby so went and had a look but it seems that it has been taken over by different people and they now make Thai and Caribbean food with some baked goods. It was disappointing. Feeling hungry, we headed for something to eat and we happened upon a music/art fair so after we ate we had a look around and then carried on to a Fruit Farm for some raspberry picking. We picked about a quarter of a bucket ($12) and probably ate half of that much too. They were so sweet and juicy and not at all pippy (I don't like pips). Huffle wants the majority of these for freezing for later in the year and we made a small batch of jam later (we still have a lot of jars from last year) plus I wanted some for teachers presents at Christmas.

I exceeded last year's 'all in one' by eating four (that's really my limit in one mouthful though I did eat many more individually). Everyone else ate tons and the boys had a fight with some (Smallest had to hand wash Small's top later for squishing one on him) and Huffle tried his catching in the mouth routine. I think he got it on the third go. I also have video footage of that.

We attempted to strawberry pick too but there was nothing left. Plenty of people picking but I have no idea what they were getting because we found nothing. I found five decent ones and Smallest and I ate them. We paid for none.

Tired and all farmed out, we came home and relaxed for the rest of the day, on the porch and in the house and garden. We had a visit from MissMo who helped me to pick tomatoes and kale for her tea.

Much later after all garden watering and feeding was done, Huffle got dressed up for an evening with his wasps nest. Never one to be unprepared for any eventuality ............

Small thinks he looks like he's on the lookout for Pokemon GO



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