Saturday, 2 July 2016

Thanks for dinner, it was horrid!

This blog was kindly brought to you by wifi borrowed from The Lady with the Matiffs.

We didn't hurry getting ready to go on holiday this morning. We got up, had some breakfast and Huffle slowly filled the car, the boys and I tried to get organised, well I think I did mainly, they just seemed to play and be silly. So excited.

We had a few things to get on the way from the pharmacy. Smallest was barking like a seal again and we needed Vitamin C tablets and I needed to get a prescription transferred from one pharmacy to another one close by. We finally left our house around 11am and were properly on our way by 11:30pm.

Unfortunately our Rental Man expected us to be at the cottage at 12 noon because he sent us an email saying that check-in and check-out was 12. We just assumed that meant anytime after 12 to get there and when we hadn't arrived at 12:48 we had an email from him asking if we were close. We weren't! We also hadn't eaten so we stopped for food too. That was our first mistake. Huffle and Smallest had chicken fingers which was supposed to be an appetizer but was huge and the only decent thing on the menu apparantly. I just realised the predictive text changed my word to a z appetizer and I'm confused as to whether it should be an S or a Z. Surely not a Z! Aargh I have been here too long, I have forgotten how to spell like an English person. I'm sure it's an S!!!!! Small had a burger which had plastic cheese and Small was disgusted by this fact. I had a Tuna melt. There was no cheese on mine so I was very jealous of Small's cheese plus they put celery in it and loaded it with tomatoes. YUK! On the menu it said came with real mayonnaise. Oooh look at you!!! They also gave him chocolate milk when he asked for Chocolate milkshake and they are two very different things! During the journey, Huffle drove, I started a sock and the boys played on their DS' and tablets.

On we went with our journey and another email from MrWhite (Small's name for him) who wanted to know what time we would arrive as he had things to do! We told him we would be there around 3pm. MrWhite was not pleased. We told him we weren't aware that check in meant GET THERE! He sent us another email to check exactly what time we would be there. We replied with "our GPS tells us we will arrive at 3:08pm". He seemed ok with that, in fact we arrived at 3:07pm WOW and he was waiting for us on the deck. He gave us a quick tour (very quick, it was very small) and then he left us to it. Actually he was very nice and apologised for being later than expected.

We unpacked the car, unpacked our bags, claimed our rooms and then attempted to log on to the wifi. Oh oh! The password wasn't working and we tried many variations on what it should be. Oh no, how will this family ever cope without wifi. As if that wasn't bad enough, the phone signal was non-existent too so we had NOTHING!

We wandered down to the beach which was across a small residential road and through a forest path that led 150feet down a slope and some pretty steep steps. We don't know if it is 150ft down or along, it could be both.

The beach was extremely private and rural with no one on it. There were lots of tree roots and a sandy beach with a really beautiful light blue water with a mainly sandy and stoney bottom. It looked like paradise. We only took a few things down there, one chair, a blanket and a few drinks. Despite the freezing cold water, the boys went straight in, swimming and body boarding (oh the waves MrsRumbleskins). The boys built me a dry stone miniature wall and practiced Karate Kid balancing on logs.

We found a stone that fit perfectly in Huffles ear - what are the chances of that?

We stayed for an hour or two and then made our way back up the gruelling steps to our cottage. Oh yes, our cottage, I haven't said anything about it. It is reminiscent of a caravan in its compactness. The deck outside is larger than the house itself which is one floor. The garden is nice and plentiful with room to run. There is a hammock and a bunky (a small wooden house that can sleep three people in thoug I was not happy letting either of the kids sleep in there). Tiny kitchen with a "carry on camping" style worktop, a bigger living room and three bedrooms with plastic folding doors. The bathroom has an interesting feature that means you can sit on the toilet, wash your hands and soak your feet in the bath, all at the same time. It is quite tight in there. There is no air conditioning but there is a small fan in each room. As of this evening we still couldn't get the wifi and MrWhite was contacting the internet provider tomorrow. Luckily this evening we met the lovely lady next door who has two huge Neopolitan Mastiffs that bark happily when they see us, who gave us her wifi password to use plus information about what to do where.

We went out for dinner and happened upon a restaurant we went to about three years ago but couldn't get in because it was too busy. Today it had room and we all had Manzerotti (Panzarotti or Calzone as we know it but MAN portion). It was huge but we knew we would take it home for another meal if we didn't eat it. Smallest was very tired and ate his Grilled Cheese quietly. We met a waitress who worked in Southampton for six months. She didn't like it much, something to do with the people but didn't want to tell us in case we knew anyone from there.

It was this big

On the way home we picked up some supplies for breakfast and lunch tomorrow. The wifi or phone signal didn't work in there either. I tried to post something on Facebook around 5pm and it got so far but kept cutting out. I tried all evening but gave up (this was befriend we had wifi from next door though we didn't want to be too greedy and haven't put it on my phone or Smallest's tablet yet.



Mrs Rumbleskins said...

Huuuuge waves 😉 The colour of that water is exquisite though! Have a lovely holiday. xx

Mrs Rumbleskins said...

Huuuuge waves 😉 The colour of that water is exquisite though! Have a lovely holiday. xx