Saturday, 30 July 2016

One handed lobster?

OTTO you noisy stinky individual! Why oh why do you need to mow your grass at 8am on a Saturday morning? Why? When you do nothing else all day? Are you crazy?

We all did our own thing this morning and played a three way Stack 'em Up before breakfast. After a long time getting ourselves ready, we went out. I asked Huffle what he wanted to do this weekend and his reply was "I'd like to visit the charity shop". WHAT? Well we did visit the charity shop and part of the way round I was summond by Smallest and told that Daddy wanted to leave because he was being bothered by people! Honestly! We didn't buy anything. When we lived in the UK, Huffle worked in the city and went out at lunchtime and did a bit of shopping, mainly toiletries and household cleaning, bargains etc. Here he doesn't go out at lunchtime and even if he is in the office, it's not rally a place where you can meander around the shops, therefore he thinks he wants to go to the shops to look but when he gets there he realizes it annoys him. Silly Huffle!

We had a a long list of things to get today and we started in Home Depot (one of Grandads favourites) for a ceiling fan for each of the kids. Small chose a very funky modern one and Smallest went for all the old antiquey looking ones. Also we bought some lights for the basement which meant we also had to get lots of bulbs for all our new lights. Now we need MrBasement to fit them all for us. We also needed a toilet seat and a handle which Huffle fit all by himself. We bought a sprinkler to and when we fitted it, we got extremely wet. It seemed to know where we were and point itself directly at us.

The forecast today was cool and cloudy but it was in fact hot and humid with some clouds. We made our way to Unionville for lunch and found the whole place was Pokemon-crazy. Everyone was holding their phones up, not looking where they were going and when we looked at my phone there were PokeStops and Pokemon everywhere, the boys wanted to shout Pikachu to see if they could start a rush.

We had dinner in a pub. The food was only just acceptable but Small caught a lot of Pokemon in there so that made it slightly better. We came out for a small walk, listened to a Jazz Funk band and ate Gelato in the shade. We decided to leave and come home via the supermarket to pick up some essentials.

At home we sat on the shade in the garden and played Jenga and Huffle sealed the leak in the pool which I played Agricola with the boys. Huffle and I sat on the porch early evening and we all watched Robot Wars before bed.

Huffle and I watched a bizarre film called The Lobster. It was WEIRD! Understatement.


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