Monday, 25 July 2016

Forgot to post - Thanks Grandad

Sometime around 4am we had a storm with thunder and lightning and a man called Huffle tried to escape the bedroom and get into the basement. Knowing his way around the house in the dark has never been a problem before but for some reason last night (or this morning) he lost his way and tried to get out through our mirror on the wall that looks like a window. I didn't know what he was doing, I just thought it was taking him a long time to open the door! He started to nod off on his 'executive beanbag' with a blanket and a ski jacket thrown over him until he heard the thunder again. I slept on and off half expecting one of the kids to climb in with me as it was very loud and seemed very close. Huffle got back into bed at some time and we finally got up around 9am.

The boys woke during the storm but didn't get up until their normal get up time and watched TV. After a late breakfast and a sort out of bikes, we cycled to swimming. Both boys did their 500m again. Small managed to cut his time but Smallest took a little longer. They did some diving and learnt a little about rescuing.

When we count the laps (they have to do 20) we use the toys to help us. Smallest decided to put them on the diving board today.

I gave MrsSwim a lesson in how to make ComfreyJuice as a fertiliser and promised to bring her some tomorrow. She gave us some spinach for our tea. We cycled home and had lunch. The boys put their clothes away and watched TV and then we left Huffle working and went shopping. The boys Pokemon Go'd on the way there and back (we found a PokeStop on the way to swimming in the Hamlet). We got some food and the boys bought some Pokemon Cards with their money.

Back home they played Pokemon Battle for two hours without any arguments and forgot that they had earned Tablet time earlier. I got on with dinner and made Fishcakes, Cous Cous and we finished off the harvested beans and spinach from MrsSwim.

After dinner we all made our Fantasy Football Leagues but had trouble printing them off (so I'm putting them on here so we know where they are). Watering was done and then we all watched the new Robot Wars (BBC). We only got half way through becuase Huffle dropped a glass in the kitchen and it went everywhere and then while Small was helping us to clear it up, he knocked a glass of water over on the table and water was everywhere too.


There are no storms forecast for tonight so I'm hoping for a better nights sleep. It has been so humid today even though we had a little bit of rain. Lots of rain last night so that was good for the garden but when we got up this morning it looked like we lived in a greenhouse. All the windows were foggy becuase it is so cool inside and so warm out.


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