Friday, 15 July 2016

The curse of Paul White

HOME SWEET HOME. How lovely to be in a comfy bed where the sheets don't fall off and are not covered in sand and there is not a constant din from the fan next to your toes. How nice to able to move around and not fall over each other and have more than one bathroom that's bigger than a postage stamp. Yes we appreciate being home.

Sometimes though when you have been away for two weeks, things don't always go swimmingly when you return. The pool was green, which is pretty much what we expected with it being turned off for 14 days and no chemicals being added. The vegetables had grown and despite our designated pickers apparently picking, there was an abundance - far too much for us to eat in one go. Veggies for dinner tomorrow.

To give you an indication of the size, the biggest courgette is 40cm long and 10cm diameter

An alarm was going off in the basement this afternoon showing that there was a water level problem. We called the plumber who said it sounded like a septic tank issue, so we called the septic tank people who said it was a plumbing issue. GREAT. We called the plumber again and waited for the rest of the afternoon. When he turned up he sorted the issue for now. It was the float of the pump in the septic tank was up. Possibly because there has been no activity while we have been away. He is now going to fit us a proper expanded riser. While we were picking vegetables and adding chemicals to the pool, we found a wasps nest under the decking next to the pool. It's a fair sized one and in a place that is not easy to get to. That's a job for tomorrow.

Two loads of washing were done and hung on the line, interrupted by a few rain showers. Looking at the internet regarding the water level problem, it advised we didn't do any washing, showering or anything requiring lots of water. SUPER! The laundry room is awash with dirty washing waiting for a solution.

I called the doctors to make a follow-up appointment for Smallest re: his asthma and I couldn't get him in for a month. Good job it's not urgent!

This morning the boys were happily watching TV when we got up. We were woken at 6am by a noise outside our window which sounded like a constant tapping that we think was a squirrel. Huffle went outside and looked menacingly at the tree and it disappeared. Bloody noisy thing, how dare it!

We treated ourselves to breakfast out seeing as we didn't have anything in and chose a less than salubrious diner, with dubious waitressing skills which turned out to be really nice and just what we needed. We then did a quick shop for food, got the boys new books, picked up some lettuce seed to replenish our stock and picked up some beer for our neighbour who watched the house for us. It was when we got home that we heard the alarm for the water and so panic ensued from then really. Then we picked the veg and turned the pool on and found the nest. Sometimes I wonder if it is worth going on holiday but these things still happen whether you are there or not.

The boys put their clothes away and played on their new Wii game that they bought on holiday. I had another go at my ear and for some reason it worked today. Nothing came out, maybe it was just water! Anyway I can almost 100% hear again. Wahooooo.

3:30pm and Huffle and I finally got to sit down on the porch and have a breather but not for too long because the plumber arrived and I went to the Royals for a glass of wine and a chat.

Everyone helped to make dinner of meatballs and pasta and we ate it whilst watching The Gremlins.


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