Monday, 11 July 2016

Hot Croissants, Hotcakes and hot beach

My unintentional setting the croissants on fire this morning resulted in us going out for breakfast which wasn't a bad thing as we found a place called Pat and Kev's. A kind of 50's industrial diner where we had Hotcakes (pancakes) with egg and sausage or ham. It was surprisingly good though we did have trouble trying to keep the egg away from the pancakes. Here, in Canada, they don't seem to have a problem with pancakes mixing with sausage and egg and maple syrup. Pile it all together, whereas I consider pancakes a sweet thing and eggs a savoury thing. I appear to have passed this 'thing' onto my children who made breakwaters (though that is a very Huffle thing to do) with sausages and suchlike. I'm quite weird about eggs, I don't like the white runny at all, it makes me queasy to see a wobbly white, but I do like a runny yolk (preferably with a piece of toast to dip into it). I asked for an Easy Over and then realised it was Over Easy (I can never get that one right). The rest had Sunny Side Up - they know what they like, except Huffle who just copied them because he doesn't know a sunny side from an over easy).

It was a dull start to the day but warm and a little sticky. I have been deaf completely in one ear since swimming out to the ship yesterday and probably before then too and I have to have my ears regularly syringed due to a tiny ear channel inherited from Moo and her Moo before. Anyway, the last time I had them syringed, the doctor told me to get a baby's mucus remover and use that with warm water myself. Today we went to the chemist to find one. We couldn't see any and when the lady asked if we needed anything in particular, Huffle said "my wife is looking for a device that removes baby's mucus". She knew exactly what it was and we bought it. We tried it when we got home but nothing much came out and I had another go later. I am still deaf.

We had a small shop for essentials and more breakfast for me to burn and then came back to get ready for our local beach. The weather report today was Humid with rain later so we thought it best to stay fairly near the house. The lake was really still and cool, too cool for Huffle and I but the boys went in and swam, did head stands, wrestled a bit and played catch. We played Cricket a la water, French Cricket, built a sandcastle with tunnels, fetched stones and ate lunch which we made previously.

At one point it rained and we sat under the umbrellas but it didn't come to much so we stayed put. More swimming, a bit of reading, some grumping and more cricket a la water. More rain and much humidness sent us back to the house where showers were had, hide and seek began with the boys after being slobbered on by the next door dogs (Smallest said they were too smelly to stay stroking them) and then a game of Catan.

Tonight we stayed in for dinner and ate frozen pizza, focaccia and angel delight with fruit. We certainly know how to party. The boys all watched the Home Run Derby which is representative baseball players hitting long balls (I think).

Huffle using the state of the art whisk. Look how pleased he is!

Tonight's sunset



AA said...

What is 'over easy'???

Translate please for your transatlantic readers...


famfa said...

I apologise. Over easy is a fried runny egg flipped over at the end of cooking. Still runny but sealed slightly xx