Friday, 22 July 2016

Honey where is the Baby

A very very hot and humid day with temperatures reaching 35*. No idea what the humidex was but it was sticky indeed. The boys didn't want to bike to swimming and I didn't want to make them so we went in the car.

Both did 500m again and they did them within 15 minutes. Small has to do under 15 minutes but Smallest doesn't. They improved from yesterday so by next week they will be super swim machines. More bobbing, diving and a bit of rescuing and then we drove home.

After lunch where Huffle and I braved the porch (soooo hot but with a part breeze that helped) and the kids watched TV, I took them out to buy a birthday present for one of Smallest's football friends. We chose a PlayStation Gift Card, some stickers and we gave him an English Curly Wurley. We then bought some pool noodles for us and for MrsSwim and went and delivered them.

The afternoon was spent relaxing, playing, preparing dinner, a bit of cleaning (by me). It was just too hot to do much at all. After dinner Small and Huffle went off to their football where Huffle took back control of the Coaching by talking to MrFrench. The team is happy again and won a thumping (Huffles words) 9-1 and they got to play in some different positions towards the end. Small played up front for a part of it which he enjoyed.

Smallest and I went to LittleSeymours birthday party at the mini golf. It was crazy (and I mean the kids not the golf). I happened to drop Smallest off late due to the fact our kids were fighting before we all left and I had sent Smallest to his room to think about his behaviour. Anyway, I was told I could stay at the party if I wanted to and I didn't really know what to do. Stay and be part of the party or go and watch Small and Huffle. As I was deciding, one of the kids asked if I knew how to score and they asked if I would score for their team. It was quite fun (though Smallest wasn't in our team) and I was able to assert my authority when things got heated, excitable and just silly. The boys were very competitive and wanted to know the scores all the time so I had to keep a running total. They enjoyed it and afterwards they had snacks, drinks and pizza followed by a cake which had blue icing. The blue was everywhere, over people's faces, all over my hands (I handed it out), on Smallest's hat. After cake they went into the batting cages and all had a go each. We finally left around 9pm.


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