Friday, 9 September 2016

A silver pig beer

This morning the school bus arrived at 8:40. The boys were ready and when they arrived at school, Small shouted 'I see a teacher over there' and Smallest agreed with him. They couldn't see a teacher at all but they just wanted to get off the bus. The driver asked them if they would prefer it if she came five minutes earlier in future. Well that's a good idea Maurice (it's a woman but Smallest said her name was Maurice, bearing in mind he once swam with a boy called Bucket, he may not be the best at remembering names). So hopefully, on Monday, she will be here at 8:45 which is a much better time. Perhaps we can move it a bit more the following week.

Huffles laptop broke and he had to go into the office to get it fixed and do his work. He came back with a temporary fix for now but future fixes should be able to be done while he is at home. I had an early dentist appointment this morning and was out of the house for 9am. I wish I hadn't have bothered. My appointment was moved from 10:30 to 9:30 yesterday and I was there promptly, if not early, and ushered to a chair. Then another man came in with an appointment for 9:45 and yet he got seen before me and I had to wait. My back was already up and I was grumpy. I hate dentists, I don't ever enjoy going and I have quite a severe fear of going (stems back to horrible dentists when I was a child, gas masks, pulling teeth out etc etc). Anyway, when he finally came to talk to me, everything he said could have been done on the phone which annoyed me even more. Then an assistant came and showed me a video of implants which is what he wants to do and I burst into tears. To be fair I wasn't feeling so well anyway and that just pushed me over the edge. The poor girl was beside herself and asked the dentist if I could leave, so I did! What a nightmare!!!! I was in a bit of a state by the time I got home and Huffle wasn't too happy to leave me.

Once I got myself together, I went off to knitting where I sat and had a coffee and a chat and bought some wool in the 30% sale to cheer myself up. It worked! I came home for lunch on the porch and watched Cold Feet and then I went for a walk as I was feeling a bit headachey and sick. Silly me, it was very hot today and I went out without a hat or water. Still it was nice to walk, even though it was by myself (guess I wasn't much company anyway) and I took Smallest's library book back.

The kids came home, took the washing off the line for me and then played on tablets. Huffle came home and we made Calzone together which we all ate whilst watching the final of Robot Wars.

I had a message from a friend today (MrsChappo) who said her daughter was doing Geography homework on Canada. She asked if she could have a photo of Smallest (same age as her daughter and old friends) with the school bus so she could say 'her friend lived in Canada and went to school on a yellow bus'. Glad to be of assistance and a lot of fun looking through photos.


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Mrs Rumbleskins said...

Oh I love Cold Feet! The show that is :) I'm with you on the whole dentist thing, terrifying.