Friday, 16 September 2016

Orange squash and a bit of cake

Morning time friends before the bus comes

Today marks the 20th year of Huffle being employed by the ex-sponsor of ManUnited. The company that moved us 3,843 miles........................and what did he get as a thank you for his continued work? A big bag of sweet FA (and if that doesn't translate well, I mean NOTHING). Actually that's a lie. I did give him a handshake. Honestly, what a joke. Then again I worked for the same company for twelve years and I couldn't even get made redundant even though my job was completely gone! Huffle looked up what happens in your 20th year and the official line is "at the Managers discretion, they may hold a small reception (cake/punch)". I told him I would give him a squash and a punch but he wasn't interested. Poor Huffle. We love you and appreciate you.

I spent the morning chasing up my engagement ring that I left at the jewellers on Saturday when they told me someone would call me with a quote on Tuesday and if I gave the go-ahead, I could have it back by Friday (today). Well I never got a quote and I never got a phone call. They tried to fob me off but I wasn't having any of it and eventually spoke to the Manager. He promised to call me back in an hour. Three hours later he called and said he couldn't get a quote but was working on it. At this point, I was not filled with much hope for my lovely ring. However he did call back again and gave me a quote for $260 (which apparently he got knocked down from $400 but I smelled a bit of BS). My poor ring is not only needing a new shank but it was also cracked and needed some new tips. He assured me if I didn't get the work done it could snap or at worst the diamond could fall out. What choice did I have? I had to get it done. I can't buy a nicer one for $260 and I wouldn't want to. It's been on my finger for 17 years now and I love it. Hopefully I will get it back early next week but I certainly won't be holding my breath.

Talking of breath, nice link there, Smallest had a hospital appointment in a far away hospital today to rule out his diagnosis of Asthma (pronounced azma here). I had already used the new 'safe arrival' scheme online to notify the school I would be taking him out from 12:15 until 2:15 but as I was leaving home I realised I had no idea what the hospital was called or where it was. I looked up the Hospital on my GPSmaps and about ten came up. I panicked and called our doctor's assistant (who obviously you can't just speak to because there are a number of people you have to go through first plus various options you have to press) and ended up leaving a message saying my name, Smallest's name, the referral appointment and time of appointment and my number for them to call to let me know what hospital it was. They called me back 45 minutes AFTER the appointment, not to give me the information I requested but to tell me to call back and they would try and help me!!!!! WOW HELPFUL! I didn't call them back (grrrrr face).

So, back to the hospital. I found a hospital called 'General Hospital' called them and asked if they had a Cardio Res-pit-Tory department (easy for others to say possibly but I have trouble with that r word) and the receptionist said 'well done, you said it beautifully'. She put me through to the department and I asked if Smallest had an appointment there. He did and we were on our way. The journey was around 35 minutes and we had to park in a multi storey car park and find our way to reception where two old volunteer ladies tried to decipher the word res-pit-tory and gave us directions. Have I ever said that I don't hear directions well past the second instruction? I know I'm not the only one because Huffle is the same. Luckily Smallest hasn't inherited this weird gene and listened intently and then dragged me down the hall, turning left, past the cafe (which is volunteer run you know - irrelevant but interesting thank you), to the lifts and down to B1. We did however go up to floor 9 first with a wheelchair that didn't know how to reverse and then back down stopping several times to B1. Here we registered, amended wrong telephone number and address, added next of kin and went in to his appointment. There we encountered 'Shelly' who sat Smallest in a glass box (similar to a telephone box and he started his test. Holding a tube in his mouth with nose clippers on, he had to breathe normally and then do a huge breath out for as long as he could. He had to do this about ten times with a long break in the middle where she took a telephone call and ran down the hall and back again. She did not think he had Asthma but said there was a definitive test that could 100% tell us but he can't have that until he is over 13 or we get referred by our allergy Doctor. Oh super. I asked why we needed to know and she said that if he became a World Traveller it might affect the insurance. I think we'll leave it then for now unless it looks like it might be necessary. I told him he didn't need to go back to school as there was only an hour left by the time we got back having been cut up by a very slow school bus and an even slower bin lorry. He decided he wanted to go back. Super.

After a long talk with MrScmooze about my ring, I went for a walk to the library and back and deposited the games we borrowed last weekend. I got to sit for five minutes on the porch with a cup of tea before the kids came back. Small enjoyed riding his bike and will do it again. He better make the most of before it snows ha!

Huffle decided that as a treat, and because he has clocked up twenty years, we were going out for dinner. We went to one of our favourite Italian restaurants. We had dippy bread and oil to start which was good because we were starving. Unfortunately we were still eating it when our mains came (never been served that quick before). Small had the most enormous meatball but couldn't finish it and was unhappy there wasn't more sauce. Mine, Agnolotti, was lovely. Smallest had Fettucini Alfredo but got bored (I know exactly what he means too) and Huffle had a Chicken pasta which was good but he would have preferred a tomato sauce (not that we are picky). We didn't mention that we were celebrating anything but we all raised a glass to Huffle and punched him.

After we finished eating we drove to a BestBuy (I'm not saying this was the real reason we were out this evening...........) to buy a cable that turned into an android box and then another cable (which we don't need). When Huffle asked if I thought we should have another android box, I said "well what about a kitchen table?". End of discussion.








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