Thursday, 29 September 2016

No-rthern Lights

Small's thumb had more mobility today due to him being in the shower and keeping it under the hot water. Maybe you should shower more often then Small! Boys went off to school still wearing shorts but it rained for most of the day. Another very Autumnal day.

I had a lovely FaceTime with Yahoo this morning. So lovely to chat and laugh with her even if she did forget to call at first. Mid-morning I met up with Angel and we went for a coffee/tea. This is the first time we have met up without the kids and away from football. It was nice and we stayed for ages. She has just two weeks before her baby is due. Eeeeeeeekk.

I quickly popped to the knitting shop to pick up a couple of things and then to Dollarama for birthday things, balloons, wrapping paper, sparklers, badge etc and then a supermarket for a few bits before getting home and having a late lunch with Huffle. His toe is very black and shiny (swollen). He has ridiculously long toes, I don't know why I haven't noticed before. I know that as men get older their ears and nose get bigger but do toes get longer? I cut his hair, made flapjacks for Small's class for a birthday treat for tomorrow and wrapped Small's presents.

The kids came home. Smallest has a cut in between two of his fingers where someone dug their nails in his hand trying to get a ball (I think it was an accident). Their chores today were to tidy their bedrooms. Small finished moving his clothes into the loft and made some room on his desk and bedside table plus gave me a huge pile of clothes that no longer fit him. Bad for him (the giant) but good for future Smallest.

The boys played on their tablets while I made dinner and afterwards we all played MarioKart. Huffle and I went out for an hour and left them Home Alone playing. We picked up a few birthday things and came home.

Apparently tonight was a good night to see the Northern Lights but of course it was cloudy and we could see nothing! Shame.

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