Monday, 5 September 2016

Whaddya at?

Today, Huffle and I have been married for 16 years. Wow! We regaled the kids with stories of our wedding, honeymoon and party at breakfast and then spent the morning looking through our Wedding photos. The were eight people in our wedding party in Antigua and between us we had five cameras. Each camera took five films of photographs so we ended up with a lot of photos in two weeks. We would love to take the kids back to Antigua one day.

HAPPY LABOUR DAY. A day off for all to celebrate how Canada's Unions make fairness work for everyone (I read that on a website) or an unofficial end of Summer. Saying that, the temperatures for tomorrow and the coming week are so high we have a heat warning again. With the humidex it could get to 42*. Poor kids, both are in non air conditioned rooms in the hottest part of the school.

This naughty fella joined me for my morning drink on the porch

The kids forgot our anniversary and ran upstairs to make a card each (mind you, Huffle and I forgot to buy or make cards this year too - eeeek too complacement). However, we did go out by ourselves and buy a couple of plants that flower specifically this time of year so we can enjoy them on our anniversary every year. Awwwwwwwwww. We left the kids at home playing and relaxing. Everyone is tired after our long day yesterday.

We had a visit from Yoda (and later a telephone call from her telling us there were apples a plenty at her house) and the boys played a piano piece each for her. With our lunch we watched Robot Wars and then the boys played on the Wii while Huffle and I Skyped Grandma and Grandad. It was a really hot day again today (glad we didn't go on our adventure today).

All the washing was done so I don't hear "I haven't got ............." and they will be ready for school TOMORROW. Smallest has been asked to be 'bus buddy' again for MissMol. He is happy to do this.




Sarah Tomson said...

Happy anniversary 😍❤️ Xx

famfa said...

Thank you Sarah x