Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Fruit are okay!*

Small's thumb is still looking very swollen, out of shape and horrible but he said it felt a bit better and went off to school. He is managing to write even though it is on his right hand but he is not playing American Football during Gym. His teacher said he could jog around the field instead but today they had a fire drill so he didn't do anything.

Smallest played cricket again and his team scored 39 runs. His teacher (who is also picking the cricket team) is watching his class very closely to see who he can pick for the team next year (as they are not old enough yet) and Smallest is confident he will get on the team. Small approached the same teacher about trying out for the Cricket team who apparently said "there are only twelve places". Small said he looked at him as if to say "c'mon I know how to play". They get their confidence from Huffle.

I cycled to aerobics. All of my injuries from my fall have emerged. A scraped arm, a twisted back and knee and some bruising but all in all I was lucky I didn't hurt more! Aerobics was tough today, I don't know why I say that, it's tough every week but there were only three of us (and ExerciseNic) and judging by all the squats, lunges and weights we did, I will hurt more tomorrow. She offered to let me use the treadmill whenever I wanted as I said I wanted to start running but found it harder here, too hot, too humid, too cold, too slippy etc.

I cycled home and made a start on dinner as it was a bit of a rush later fitting everything in. After a quick lunch, I went for a forest walk with MrsRoyal. We tried a different forest with a different trail and ended walking for 1 1/2 hours. It was beautiful and ever changing. Parts of it we were in the thick of the forest, then we were in the open near fields, back in the dark green forest again and then up high where we stood and watched the swaying trees while we ate our pears. It was just lovely and a very good walk.

Afterwards we went to the local garden centre for a nose but didn't find anything we wanted which was good as neither of us had any money on us. We came home and I had five minutes on the porch before the kids came home. Smallest had homework which was to read for twenty minutes and I had to ask him some questions. He enjoyed it and it was nice to talk to him about the book. He is reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Smallest cleared his drawers out in preparation for Grandma and Grandad moving into his room and Smallest and I had an early dinner before going to basketball.

Huffle painted the front door which looks really good. To be fair we haven't done it since we moved in and it's had new fixings since so it looks much nicer. He also raked up all the grass he cut yesterday. He bent his toe over again and is now suffering with a bruised and injured toe (the me one he hurt before). Small didn't come to basketball tonight because of his thumb but hopefully he will be there next week.

Basketball was in the same place as previous years but with a different coach which is a shame as the last one was excellent. However, this new one was good and Smallest liked him. He was much older but has played and coached before. He was good with the kids though I felt he could have been more strict, there's still time. Smallest worked very hard and was sweating well at the end. So was the Coach and he had another session afterwards! I had to tell a boy off (an older brother of one in Smallests class) as he was bouncing his basketball constantly and throwing it against the wall. I didn't think he should be doing that while the Coach was trying to teach. It was very off-putting. None of Smallest's class are the same as previous years though I did see a few regulars in Small's class.

*On the way we were talking about vegetables and Smallest was telling me he hated veg but "fruit are okay". We then had an Grammar lesson.

GBBO SPOILER ALERT: We all watched the GBBO before bed. Smallests favourite was Rav. He doesn't know yet that he has gone as he went to bed before the end.



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