Tuesday, 27 September 2016

I had a fall*

My garden pot - made me laugh this morning as it looked it was drooling with the dew

This morning, after the kids went, I left Huffle working and went out to meet Suffolk. We started with a cup of tea and a banana in Starbucks, followed by a wander around Solutions where we both bought some 'solutions'. Next we went to Costco and did our shopping and I sampled some guacamole, yoghurt, salsa and cheese string (which had less cheese in than Smalls socks).

I came home and put the shopping away, had lunch and Facetimed Moo. She said it was Autumnal there too, though it was a nicer day here with sunshine and I even managed to put some washing on the line.

This afternoon I went to another supermarket to finish off my shopping but was very disappointed to find most of the shelves empty (or at least of the things I specifically wanted anyway).

Small started back on his Tuba today and despite his thumb not working well, he did well. I asked if he has to share the instrument with anyone else and he said "I told my music teacher if he lets anyone else play it, I won't be in band". Naughty.

There are Cricket Tryouts for Grades 5-8, so Small will be trying but Smallest can't as he isn't old enough. Smallest says it was funny watching people playing cricket today. They seem to be getting it confused with baseball. The way he describes it, sounds like the game we played as little kids, constant running in between the wickets.

Whilst trying to get a wasp out of the house (that flew in a couple of weeks ago and disappeared up one of the lights in the kitchen) I tripped up the step in between the basement stairs and the kitchen and landed very awkwardly on my knee, arm, hip and hand. It all hurts and there are some bruises and scrapes. OUCH! I felt like I went down in slow motion but the rest of the family said I went down with a quick thud. They were very good. Smallest brought me a cushion for my head and an ice pack for my knee and all three hauled me up onto a chair. Silly Mummy! Bloomin' wasp escaped through the back door as I gave instructions to Small whilst laid on the floor. No emergency department for me.


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